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Help! I can't add gig extras!


Hi, I’m using 3 packages for pricing. But whenever i try to add a custom gig extra, after saving the changes the box automatically gets unticked. Hence i’m unable to add any custom extra.

My other gigs don’t have this problem.

Does anyone have a solution? Please help!

This is the gig I’m talking about:


I have Exactly the same problem!

and it seems like everyone else is having the same problem!

I had this issue since the 3 packages were introduced by fiverr and it still not resolved.

Hope this get resolved soon by fiverr.

anyone who had this issue and solved it please share how.



I had the same issue few months back. I had to struggle many times to edit gig extras. Finally what I did was, I deleted all my Gig extras & saved the changes. Then I refreshed the browser & started adding each Gig extra one at a time. Like add one Gig extra & save it. Then add the next gig extra & save it. Likewise I managed to add all the Gig extras. Somehow it worked for me.


Hi. How were you able to delete all your gig extras? It you clear all and untick the box, you can’t save changes as it will revert back to what you had earlier.



Hi Friends,

Here is the answer how to remove this errors that show during setup your gig,

look at above link please this area need fully empty first time only when you create your gig or updates your gig then you can add this section after save so you need to setup your gig without this section then saved you gig and rework again on your gig.


please not use same content title words on your gigs.


Best Regards,