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Help! I can't complete my gig

I am mostly a traditional artist and I use SAI to do line work and only use photoshop occasionally for a few things however when making the gig there isn’t an option to chose artist. The closest thing is graphics and design I don’t really do either. I draw a character or picture do the line work and sometimes color it. I never learned any shortcuts for any program I always use the menus since they work fine and I have a terrible memory. Why is there no category for us artists who don’t know much of the technical stuff. I only know the basics but I feel that has no bearing on how my art looks. I could know all the ins and outs and not draw well so why is a skill test on photoshop so heavy on the shortcuts and such that I never use. What if I was traditional only? Could I not use fiver at all to sell my art? I don’t mind doing a sklll test that would test my art skill, not sure how that would work though but I feel knowing all the shortcuts has nothing to do with my art skill. I tried posting this to the help thing but it wouldn’t go through. I don’t have a gig link since it won’t let me create it. Why are the categories so limited? Are they trying to exclude artists?