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Help! I can't DELETE GIGS in my Draft

Hello, everyone.

So I was demoted to level 0 during the last evaluation period… I only have 7 slots to create any new gig.

I have been trying to delete gigs saved in my draft so I create new gigs but each time I try to delete any of the gigs in the draft, I get this error…

I got in touch with SUPPORT but this is day 5 already and I haven’t heard from them.

Can you help?

ps: I tried clearing my browser’s cache and even used a different browser other than chrome, but the problem still remains.


No idea.But It may be deleted after a long time…

I had a draft I didn’t need anymore, so I deleted it to see if it works for me, it did, on Chrome. You deleted from the Gigs page and got the “Are you sure you want to delete this Gig?” pop-up? If not, perhaps something in your browser settings is keeping the pop-up from popping up?

If yes, sorry, no idea then. That support doesn’t answer for 5 days is rare though, did you check your Help Center “My Activities” link to see if your ticket is even there/got through to them?


Yes I did. And after accepting that, I got the error message.

They answered initially and told me their tech team would have a look at it and try to fix it then get back to me…

Since then, I haven’t gotten any update…

Ah, yeah, okay, got in touch with support and haven’t heard from them sounded as if you didn’t have contact with them yet, well, if they told you that already, and as you’ve tried all the usual suspects as clear cache, different browser, logging out and back in, and such already, I guess there’s not much else you can do but wait until they solve the issue or it solves itself somehow, it happens. Either way, good luck that it happens soon!

And that’s how I got a “AHA” moment not too long ago…

Up until now, I haven’t gotten any feedback from support.

So it struck me, “why not edit the gigs you have in draft and publish it after which you then delete it?”

Guys, I did so and to my amazement, I was able to delete the gig I didn’t want again.

I wonder why I never thought about this method until Now.:laughing:

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It’s weird still as I could delete a gig right from my drafts which I’d not published yet but great that it worked! All the best for your new gigs!

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Thanks a lot for your concern.

I have since fixed this issue and creating new gigs at the moment.