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Help! i can't find the person i want to hire

i have someone who i have hired in the past and want to hire him again.

i know his user name … and have messaged each other through fiverr on the details of the gig.

but when i click on his name, the order button is not there.

what do i do?


maybe he is no longer active anymore, just find new seller :D. It’s a lot of good talent here on fiverr :smiley:

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You can also try clicking on the “Shopping” tab, then clicking on the “Completed” box to get a list of gigs you have ordered in the past.

Then you can scroll down and their name to see if they are still an active user.

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If you do not find the order button, the user may have suspended his gigs for the time being. This may happen during the holiday season. There should still be a contact button though. Use that one instead of the order button to contact the buyer. Then you can find out whether or when his gigs are active again.

Its ridiculous! If his username exists, then his gig you looking for may be blocked by fiverr. Or, may be its bug of fiverr. Try to inbox him and either tell him to send a support ticket or you can send it. Fiverr support absolutely will give you a solution.

The person may have suspended his gigs, as it’s holiday season - and probably didn’t want any orders during this time.

If it’s anything graphics related, I can help you out - I’m not going anywhere!


If they’re still AWOL, try contacting costumer support, give them his username and ask for their help.

You probably haven’t noticed but this is a 4 year old post.

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Actually, I don’t care if it’s a 40-year old post. It’s still a common problem. People sign up to sell on Fiverr and then go missing – regardless of the reason.