HELP! I can't receive my money


I got some available funds and I been pressing the Paypal account button all day. I never received any email. I also tried my setting and to change my paypal account and maybe reconnected. I never received any email from that also.

So what to do?

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I am also having the same trouble, any work around?


I had the same issue the other day. Do you have an old confirmation email from the last time you withdraw? You can use that and it will work.


I’m also not receiving the payment confirmation email. I unfortunately do not have an old confirmation email. When is this going to be fixed?


I was just having the same problem.

I was just about to send the Fiverr Staff an e-mail describing the problem, but then I got the E-Mail Confirmation that the money was just withdrawn from my Fiverr Account and transferred to my PayPal Account. And the money is in fact in there; I just double-checked to make sure.

The Money Withdrawal works; it process just takes a bit longer than usually.

Also, I think the withdrawal of money has to be done from the NEWER, SLOWER version of Fiverr.Com, and not form the Faster, Older Version of the site, where you no longer are given any on-screen notifications.


What is the fiverr email?


Yea I don’t have a second email to use or have an old one attached with paypal.

I still didn’t get an email or money in my paypal yet. :confused:


I made a thread about a solution to this problem earlier. I was able to get the confirmation email by switching back to the old Fiverr and withdrawing from there. The confirmation email showed up in my inbox almost immediately.



I finally got it.