Help i cant send any message!


help me with this

Messaging disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue.

i already contact fiverr support but no reply


same problem :frowning:


Here the url:

Write them and wait several hours they must reply!

Also complete correct lines in ticked!


Generally when that happens… Like stated above… it’s because you are sending everyone messages and spamming.

As for support… be patient. Sometimes they take days to answer. But if you ‘Were’ spamming… it’ll take longer and you still may not get your message feature reactivated for a time. A penalty.

Nobody likes spammers.

On a personal note… I always find it funny that some people think they can spam everyone and still sell gigs. I never buy gigs from spammers. Never. When you annoy somebody they generally don’t buy. Just a tip for all you would=be spammers out there.


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contact fiverr support


Try contacting the admin via twitter or facebook