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Help! I can't send the right file

I’ve got a problem that I have no explanation for. I finished an order and wanted to deliver it, but every time I try the source file get change for a file named Sams_logo.jpg. I thought I had clicked on the wrong file and delivered my order again. This time I was 100% sure I had sent the right file. But Sams_logo.png reappeared on the the new delivery replacing the source file. And in my previous delivery sams_logo.jpg is gone and it’s now showing the right source file I wanted to deliver in the first place.

Note that I have no file named sams_logo.jpg on my computer.

Edit: The customer accepted the delivery, because they didn’t need the source file, and told me they would not download that suspicious logo file. I contacted CS since I’m scared my account have been compromised.

Have you tried sending a .zip file of your delivery? That might work

No like I said the customer accepted the delivery before I could try anything, saying she would not download the source file because she didn’t need it. I just had to upload it because it comes with the package she ordered. It wasn’t a custom offer.

Still, that’s not explaining why a file that I don’t have on my computer got uploaded there. I’m scanning my laptop to make sure it’s not a virus, while waiting for the CS to respond.

Could it be that Fiverr take a .png and make a .jpg for display in the Live Portfolio?


I opened the file for fun. It’s a logo that says sam’s funiture with a garage on top… :thinking:

So not your delivery at all???

Odd. Methinks asketh of CS why thine delivery is up-messethed :crazy_face:

: -)

Not at all, my delivery was the sketch of a thief character. I’ve never seen that logo before. That’s super weird I did contact the CS with some screen shot. I’m waiting for their replies.

yes, that’s the good to contact the CS… hope he fixed and help you :slight_smile: