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Help I can't upload any files for my seller

Ive tried everything I know how to and it won’t let me attach my resume in the conversation part, even after I click attach it won’t do anything. If i go to having problems it allows me to browse but still won’t attach.

Dude go use mozilla firefox. I don’t know what the deal is here but it worked there.

I’m not sure but i just paid and then was asked to upload and it would’t so I’m not gonna be happy at all if something doesn’t change quick. I have needed these resumes for a long time now and paypal was screwing me on how I could pay for it and took forever and now I can’t even upload my resume? NOT HAPPY

I’m having the same issue. It is frustrating, I have tried everything I can think of and can find no way to make it work. Can’t get the work done if I can’t upload the working file! Does anyone know how this works, really?

I’ve tried it on firefox and still the same problem. I am sharing links for google docs instead

I had the same problem. Click Attach File, attached the file, and nothing. I found out I had the file/Word document open on my computer. Most of the time if the file is open it won’t attach. Make sure the document is closed out - then try attaching.

This is happening to me now too – extremely annoying.

It seems to have resolved itself – I can upload files now

I just placed a resume order and can’t upload any files. Frustrating! Tried different browser, clearing cache, etc.

This is also happening to me.
I cannot send files to my seller, in any format, png, word, jpg. Whenever I try it looks like it might upload but it never does. For previous gigs, I just waited a minute or two and it said completed…now nothing happens except the send button turns grey and becomes disabled. Can someone advise why that is happening or what I can do.

I want to send my logo for my order and time is of the essence. Otherwise I think I need to cancel the order… but what if I have the same problem if I order a second gig?