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Help i dont know what to do in this situation


I sell my coaching on fiver league of legends and someone buy this coach I coach him for like 2 hours and after he said that im not gold player and im noob and he send my massage like “give me back my money or im calling a lawyer”
and he said that cause he think I not coach him what can I do


If you have delivered exactly what was promised in your gig/offer, just stand your ground. Refuse the buyer’s request to cancel the order/refund the money. Also, contact Fiverr’s Customer Support and inform them that the customer is unfairly demanding a refund despite you having delivered as promised (attach all relevant documents/screenshots for proof).


In addition to what hanshuber said, the “lawyer” threat is pretty meaningless to you personally, though you should report that threat to Support if you have proof. A buyer should never have enough information about you to be able to sue you without going through a real lawyer that contacts Fiverr’s lawyers. Hopefully you are not giving out your real name or anything else personal since buyers do not need that info. Your transaction should otherwise be straightforward and within Fiverr. You can tell the buyer that you showed up for what you promised.