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Help! I don't receive email notifications


Hello Fiverrians! Since 48 hours now, i haven’t been receiving email notifications of activities on my fiverr account and gigs. I have cross-checked my email notification settings and they are alright, but i still don’t receive notifications in my inbox, What could the problem possibly be? Is there any other person experiencing this? Should i take this to CS?

thanks for your response…


Check your account settings and see if it’s set to track messages etc. :slight_smile: Hope that helps


My account setting are all set to notify me, and are all ok. Unless there is something else you are talking about i may not know. they have been ok all these while. it just stopped notifying me…


Have you checked all folders in your email inbox? Notifications might end up in the spam folder, so be sure to check that one out (and, if they did end up there, mark them as non-spam).

Another possibility that comes to mind is that the buyers have used some of the forbidden words (email, Skype, pay, Paypal…); messages with those words often get delayed until an admin checks them (I’m not sure whether the same happens with orders), and once they let them pass, you don’t always receive an email notification.

If none of this helps, you may want to wait for a few days (and check your Fiverr account very often, so you don’t miss something) and see whether the issue is resolved on its own, or contact CS. The issue isn’t site-wide, as far as I know (I’m receiving notifications as usual).


Contact CS. It’s a known problem that shows up from time to time.


the notifications settings here:


Check your Spam mails! Sometimes it happens with many people…


I got the same problem. As I entered here to get solution I just checked the SPAM folder. All emails were there and I removed SPAM mark from there email. Now I get all emails in inbox. Try this out. Cheers.