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Help! I got my first custom requests... but they never ordered?

Hello! I am a new seller and today I got 2 custom requests from different buyers. I got excited and talked with them. We agreed on everything and then… nothing. Neither of the two buyers actually ordered anything. They said “do this I will give you money” and then they just stopped responding. Why? Keep in mind, these buyers had nothing to do with eachother but they both stopped answering after agreeing to an offer.

Could someone help me figure it out?

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Honestly, if all they can say is “do this I will give you money,” it’s most likely not a serious offer in my opinion. If they wanted your services, then they would probably just order something.


did you make custom offer to them ?

They are probably trying to get free work from you. You should only start working after an order is placed.


yes i did. Thats when they stopped replying

A buyer has to order, pay, and then you deliver.

Make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.

Everything is explained there in great detail.


This is good practice to live by in general, especially if you’re the creative type.

Because they’re trying to trick you into delivering all the work for free.

Either that, or one or both of them got busy, and will accept your offer later. I’ve had buyers who accepted the custom offer a few days later.

The ball is in their court. If they accept the offer, great, you do the work. If not, there will be no order in place, and you won’t owe them anything.


Thanks for the reply!

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They said they were on a short deadline and needed it today. thanks for the reply I won’t do any work for them. But man this is off putting as someone who hasn’t got their first gig yet


They do tend to target new, inexperienced sellers, so hopefully it will improve in time, once you have a bunch of reviews.

Sadly this is all I ever get from Buyer Requests and I must say in-general from Internet buyers.

After spending 5 seconds on a Vid based on Tim Ferris’s’ 4-Second Work Weak, they all seem to think that they are owed a Ferrari for 5 cents - but only after they get the Ferrari and their 5 cents back.

It is a sad state of affairs which is not going away any time soon as it is so appealing to the lazy & greedy. Most of these sites actually fuel that mindset.


Great experience …