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Help! I Have No Orders! - Well, Here's What I Did

Are you about to create a post about having no orders? Are bills piling up? Can you not afford to feed your children because of the downfall of your Fiverr career? If so, self pity will get you nowhere. What you need to do instead is take action.

Last month was my worst month on Fiverr ever. This includes my initial time as a new seller back in 2014. I’m also going to just say it. When you start working on Fiverr and are successful, you often find that Fiverr starts to make up the bulk of your freelance income.

It doesn’t matter how much you diversify. When one platform or revenue stream starts taking up the bulk of your time, you devote more time to it and others fall by the wayside.

My original moneymaker when I started freelancing as not Fiverr. Now, I make zero on that platform because of how much my focus eventually switched to Fiverr. This being the case, having the Fiverr income tap turn off can be a problem.

Because I need Fiverr to pay my rent, wear clothes, and stop my dogs from starving and trying to eat me, last month was very unpleasant. However, it was also my best month on Fiverr for a lot of non-financial reasons.

Having almost zero orders, August 2019 forced me to stand back and look at everything I do on Fiverr. When I did that, I was in shock. My gig images and videos were absolutely rubbish. While they once had been, my gigs were not optimized for the Fiverr search. To make matters worse, I couldn’t even read my gig descriptions and see the value in what I was offering.

I had also lost levels and to be honest, it was my fault.

In short, I had been lazy. Fiverr had changed a lot of things (think the fabled algorithm). However, I’d pretty much-ignored drops in new clients for months, by cruise controlling along on old-time repeat buyers. In that time, I should have been evolving my business but I hadn’t been. - So what did I do?

To be honest, I’d put off updating my gigs for years because I know that this can make gigs disappear from the search. In this case, it finally took having no orders to spur me to do this. However, I didn’t do it overnight.

First, I started exploring the Fiverr search and trending writing niches off-Fiverr. This took me over a week. During this time, I identified new niches to create gigs in and new categories to reposition my existing gigs in.

After this, I decided to revamp my gig images and videos. To do this, I spent another week researching different design styles.

My goal was to create images which entice people to click my gigs when they see them. When I discovered a style I liked, I then decided to try and make my gig images kind of uniform. When people see my gig images, I want people to realize that they are familiar to my kind of brand on Fiverr.

Next, (and this might be shock horror to some people), I increased my prices. I didn’t just up my price point though. Instead, I built-in new components into what I offer to add value. I also didn’t up the price or revamp the appearance of two reasonably selling gigs to do a kind of split test between raised as opposed to old prices.

Lastly, I started developing a marketing strategy, I say started to, as I haven’t actually put this into action yet.

As a result of all of the above, I received zero new orders. That is until at the start of September. Then I suddenly started getting messages from new buyers. Then I started getting orders. Then I started getting more orders. Then as of yesterday, my sales per month finally went up for the first time since May.

Curiously, the gigs which I did not increase the prices of or change in any way are now my most poorly performing. I can also safely say that despite a mere $5 price increase, I am attracting a higher tier of buyers.

So, what does this mean for you?

Basically, you need to realize that you have a problem. - Yes, it’s you. You are the reason you are not selling. You have got too accustomed to living off regular buyers. You haven’t spent literal weeks analyzing the search and tailoring your gigs and images and videos to attract buyers. Neither have you stood back and said to yourself, "okay, this worked before, but what I’m doing doesn’t work anymore, I need to do something about this."

My big gig revamp took me weeks, not a day, and it wasn’t the result of a forum post saying " help, I have no sells." Neither were the results immediate, However, I did get the results I wanted.

The only question is, will you?


Thank you for sharing your story, Cy. Now I need to go look at your new profile. :wink:


I like how your gig images look. Fiverr does seem to like a coherent look to a seller’s gigs. Branding.


Good for you. I love the fact that you were not in denial. You decided to make a change!!! :ok_hand:t4: Your gig images are really nice, did you create them yourself?

What a nice :rooster: wake up call. :sweat_smile:

I’ve bookmarked this post to share, 'cause I know we’ll see a few of these over the weekend and beyond. :grin:

Cheers to you and Chico. Wait, I guess just you! :upside_down_face: :tropical_drink:


Let this quote be dipped in bronze and preserved.
We need to build a monument.:european_castle::european_castle::european_castle:

I just hope you don’t get those “I read your post now help me” messages.


Oh no, I copied and pasted them off a seller doing better than me. - Joke

Of course, my images are my own and made by me!

I couldn’t freelance without Chico. I’d be happy living in a shack without him. I also have another dog now called Dax. She is a German Shepard Doberman cross stray who followed us home a week ago. I will most likely have to let her go soon but while she is here, she is also a vital component of the freelancing business! :wink:


Bless! How long until you go the Eoinfinnegan route and include both of them in your profile picture?
I’ve heard that picture has done wonders for his business… and his dating life. :wink:


Photo please!!!
So you’re looking for a foster home for the girl?


Hello @cyaxrex and thank you for sharing.

You don’t know me as am not so active to write in the fourm, but am definitely active to read most of the posts here! I like the way you think and your way to solve problems, specially with other members!

A lot of sellers blames fiverr for not giving them jobs “clients” !! fiverr is the door, and all you have to do is to find the right key to open it and start to earn a decent income.

The food will not come at your doorstep, go and earn it, find a solution for your problems.

I moved to another whole continent to marry the woman i love, i do voiceover and i just started only 1 year ago, exactly when i created my account. And now it’s my full time job.

My personal advice for anyone is to always think in a different way and have a lot of patient and listen to what your client want and you will succeed.

Thank you again and have a very successful journey! :slightly_smiling_face:


I know, 'cause you’re a self-sufficient man.
Nice work they really standout. :tada:

Oh, nice! I’ve seen a pic of Chico, maybe Dax sometime. :grin:
Awesome, you’ve got a big heart to take in a stray. Hopefully, you find a loving home for her.

Pets are great companions!


Alas, Chico used to be a conversation starter. Then I think he figured out that when he is cute, he loses his side of the bed to a random crazy woman who vacuums up all the attention, Now he just growls when he meets someone new and sometimes goes into full bite mode.

I’m fine with that though. After most of the dates I have, it’s a relief knowing you have a chihuahua waiting at home.

I’ll also never get either dog to pose for an Eoin-like selfie. I actually think Eoin must have brought in professional dog props. Either that or he was holding a steak hostage. Well done on him though pulling it off. :wink:



Dax in all her glory, albeit a bit of a dark pic. :wink:


Thanks, @cyaxrex. Now I know what I have been doing wrong.


Yeah. She is meeting a family on Sunday. However. I’m kind of making emergency plans to take her on myself.

IDK. I can’t really do it but my last re-homing shattered my heart. It wasn’t being separated, it was the fact that i came to realize that I handed over a wonderful dog to a complete nutcase who made its life a misery.

This dog I really hope I can rehome with someone who is normal. The tiniest red flag though, and I’ll be kidnapping her back.


√ Try to stay active.
√ Send buyer request.
√ Improve your gig.

Happy freelancing


Awweee, she’s cute! The photo might be dark but I can still see what a cutie she is :heart_eyes:
I myself have fostered many cats before so I hear you, if I sense that anything is wrong
with the new owner, I’ll ask the owner to return the cat and look for a better home!!
(or we keep them!)


Dax is adorable! The big ear is bat-like. I’ve taken in many strays and since it was instant love they became my pets. I would love a dog like Dax.


Are you sure we read the same article? Because this is not what Andy said!

Or, are you spamming the Forum?


Thank you for this. This post is really helpful.


Great, well done. Thanks for sharing your story great advice. I will also need to update my gig.