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Help! I Have No Orders! - Well, Here's What I Did

I like your new gig images they stand out for sure. To be blunt (pardon the pun) Fiverr obviously shook the tree for some reason. You would think they would protect long term stable sellers position. Yet again making us all guess what factors are most important in the metrics. My long term gig position finally bit the dust. Getting orders but its not the same. I will revamp soon.

Move the USA cyaxrex or Scotland

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What? I can’t think of anything more nightmarish. If anything, I’ll be heading East to the former USSR.

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From a Freelancer and housing prospective. :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Your profile looks cohesive and professional.

This helped me realize I also need to not become lazy and keep my sites updated and analyzing the trends. I’m glad you got the improvement you were looking for and hope you keep it up. Best of luck to you.

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Give us a few more months and we will be right up there with them as one of their satellites.

Thank you so much! this was really inspiring for me! i was out of fiverr for some reasons and it has been months i aint having orders! i know i need to start fresh, i hope i will be able to do so! Thanks!

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Move to Canada! Actually, wait to see who becomes Prime Minister first.


I can’t move to Canada. My sister already beat me too it. :frowning: . Also, my Chihuahua doesn’t like snow, cold, rain, geese, or long distance flights.

That said, feel free to invite me to dinner or a short (free) vacation whenever you like. :wink:

I can offer fee bnb on Malta to return the favor. Just take note that breakfast can sometimes be served at 6pm.


Thanks for taking the time to share your story! props :slight_smile:

Great post, took the first step to edit my Gig today, design New image, change some description and the likes. Hoping to see improvements soon.


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Thank you very much for your suggestion @cyaxrex

This is quite motivating, Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

@cyaxrex then if we should not send buyer request then how can we get order?could you please share your opinion