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Help - I have submitted 10 offers, but did not get order till now

Hello friends,

I am new on Fiverr…
please help me to enhance my work…

I have submitted 10 offers, but did not get order till now.
How can I impress buyers and get order from him…


i have submitted 109 and only got 1 order:slightly_smiling_face:

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Perhaps you should change how you submit, i.e. your bid proposal.

I used this function often to hire sellers. At least 90% or more bids on Buyer’s Request is so bad, I delete it. I only get like one or two good, if any, on BR.

If you are not getting hired, than you are probably the 90%. The one or two good bids really stand out.


this is amazing to know… can you kindly reveal to us components that will make you pick a particular bid from the buyer request section… i mean its composition…

:smile::smile: OK I understand

One very easy to remedy component (only recently, a female buyer kindly left that as a tip for sellers (I won´t link the post as it went off-topic very much)), since your opening post looks as if it might be relevant:

Not all buyers are men. If you address buyers with “Hello Sir” in your offers, chances that female buyers will delete your offer right after reading that before even reading the first sentence are high.

Actually, without going into the reasons, I think many male buyers will delete such an offer directly too.

Search the forum for more tips on how to write successful offers. :mag: You´re by far not the first one who asked this and there are a lot of relevant posts on the forum, here´s a good one to start:


Ok , I understand … Thanks for explaining …

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On the last one I submitted, in order to make sure the seller actually read and understood the requirement, I asked them to include something on the bid. It was an article writing gig that required a bid of research.

“Include the name of one hyena under Kevin’s care.” (Or, something to that effect).

Out of close to 40 bids: 50% didn’t give me any name, 25% gave me the wrong name.

It wasn’t that hard to do, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or even Google would have revealed it in less than 1 minute.

They were too busy telling me about themselves and NOT telling me what they can do for me. [This may sound mean, but I don’t care about you. I’m paying you to tell me what you can do for me.]


Remember one thing for your entire Fiverr journey:

Conversion rates from buyer requests will always be very low. If I have sent 100 buyer requests, maybe I got 10-15 orders, maybe more but that is even when I’m a Level 2 Seller so don’t worry and continue to send requests.

Another tip is to send custom proposals and not templates.


Absolutely agree! At least 50% are templates that drone on and on about nothing - - that is relevant to the request.


Thanks a lot… This is quite revealing…

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Not so easy bro :smile: keep trying!!! :slight_smile:

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There’s one other thing tho… Its it advisable to fill in the amount for the job and the duration when sending a bid on BR… Cos personally i just put in $5 and 1 day as default… What’s your thought on this?

Depends on what the buyer is looking for on the request.

I am rarely in a hurry, but I can’t speak for others.

Be careful when your bidding $5. You may end up doing 40 hours of work for that price. I suggest you bid what you feel it’s worth.

Be reasonable, real & honest buyers won’t take you seriously if you underbid.

1 - ebook cover for $5.00 is reasonable (if buyer gives you the stock photos)

Proofread 10,000 words for $5.00 is a joke. I delete those.


Try to send a realistic quote.
I don’t try to outbid others. I know what my service is worth and I’m not willing to provide it for less. If I don’t get orders then I focus on my other income sources. You should know how much you need to charge per hour to pay your bills. If it’s not worth it then move on to something else.

I agree. I’m also a buyer and quite often I skip ridiculous offers such as 2500 words for $5. Either the seller is desperate or in worst case scenario seller knows that their 2500 words are worth only $5.


Some people are offering like we are robots not a human. They think we will work for them in free of cost… I found a request. 9000 words article with seo in 20$… well done… we write a book in 20 $…

@waqarmalkani You are replying 2 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

be patient brother, you will get order if you are dedicated.

Carry on. and every day send to buyer request…you will get the order. just wait and patient.