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Help I need a free video maker that doesnt make my music sound like garbage


arrrg I got $20,000 of musical gear and software and that goes rite down the drain when I use movie maker for my sample vids I am afraid I am loosing a lot of business because my wav hq files sound like something a 12 year old would make in garage band. Even when I export it in 1080 it still sounds like garbage but the image is crystal clear… arrrg

What do you peeps use??




Audio and video troubles are hard to isolate and fix in person, never mind over a forum.

Is this a new problem?

Have you always used Movie Maker?

Can Movie Maker handle WAV?

Do you have all the upgrades installed.

Have you tried another editor?

Have you converted the WAV to another format to see if MM balks?

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I have always used movie maker simply because its all that I have had available it is a hit or miss some songs sound great some sound compressed horribly. I will try wma files perhaps that works better then a high quality wav on movie maker


wow it worked turning the file into an wma took away the compression… that makes no sense to me but awesome saves me 80 bucks on new software I guess I now have to redo all my videos