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Help, i need a solution

Hello experts
Is there any problem if I mention shorten URL in my gig? which is actually Flickr link.


You can’t link to anything in your gigs. That’s not allowed. Read the ToS.

If Fiverr allowed this, people would game the system.

Read the official Fiverr info in their Seller Help Center/FAQ too, there should be a list with allowed URLs somewhere.
There’s a search function both in Seller Help Center and forum too. You might not be the first person who ever had this question.

Flickr might be on that list, actually but I can’t be bothered to look it up on my phone. You really need to double-check critical info (which might lead to loss of a gig or account) and not rely on something other users on a forum tell you, use the source, it’s out there.

Also, info and rules can and do change over time and a user might tell you yes, it’s okay, in best faith, because it was okay when they looked up that info last time, months or years ago, but it might not be okay anymore.

I wouldn’t use a shortened link in any case, though, that might look suspicious both to the Fiverr system and to potential buyers. I for one am very wary of clicking shortened links from people I don’t know/trust.


That isn’t linking to something, though. That’s connecting your account to another network.

You can’t promote anything that’s outside of Fiverr anywhere in Fiverr.

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thanks for your help, actually I i tried to link up the original like but something wrong, that’s why i asked this question

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thank you now i understand :relieved::relieved:

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Well, the question was if it’s allowed. At the present time, apparently it is, according to the Fiverr FAQ, Flickr is on the list:

What URLs can I use in my profile or Gig description?

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

I don’t know why the original link won’t work then. Is the “@” part strictly needed, or would a link without that bit lead to your Flickr profile too? Else, I fear that’s a question only support can answer. Not sure if a shortened link would be fine, I don’t feel like rereading the terms of service to find any info regarding that and I’d ask support anyway to be sure. You could tell them that your regular Flickr link won’t be accepted and add the screenshot and also mention that Flickr is on the list of allowed URLs with a link to the FAQ article that says so, just in case.


you got it, that’s my question. somehow i know fiverr allowed the flickr. and now this “@” the problem. okay i talk to the support maybe they help me .
thank you so much.

A friend I talked to about Flickr said it’s actually possible to get rid of the @ in the Flickr address by “creating your own memorable Flickr address”, there’s an instruction on how to do that on Flickr:

Hope that helps.


thank you so much, really helpful