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Help! I need more time to complete a job!


I need to extend delivery time - I think I have done a request through the dispute section but is this right? Will my gig go overtime now? I clearly need to extend my delivery days for all of my gigs as it is taking me a lot longer than I thought to achieve a quality of work that I am happy with - I will deal with this this week but I’m anxious not to deliver another job late and ruin my stats even more - have I don’t the right thing here?


I am new here but I don’t think you can extend the delivery time after you have accepted the order.

Hi Katy, you can ask for a time extension once per order, through the Resolution center, so it´s fine that you did. Your buyer will have 48 hours to accept or decline any issue that can be raised through the Resolution Center, see this article in the Fiverr Help Center.

I´m not sure about the timer, but the help center does list what the order statuses (Dispute, Late, Very Late) mean.


No. We can extend the delivery time in resolution center. But its better to discuss about this with your client before open a dispute!