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Help! I need someone to explain how revisions work


Hi guys! So I’m new to Fiverr and I’ve been a little confused with how revisions work. So in my Gigs, I set a number of free revisions and I was wondering: Does this mean that I need to send the final product before the set deadline for the customer to be able to use their revisions? Or can the product be sent ON the deadline and revisions can still be made after that? This would mean that the delivery time would have to be extended for a few more days.

Your help would be much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

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Dear Floofini:

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Here’s a link to some information on revisions:

You can make use of Tools like the Fiverr Blog, Fiverr Academy, and Fiverrcast to find more information.

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Good luck,

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Thanks so much for the feedback!! I greatly appreciate it :smiley: I will begin editing my profile as soon as I can and hopefully get better results :slight_smile:


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