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HELP I still didn't get any commissions


Hi to all, I am a digital artist and paint mostly realistic digital portraits on PS CS6 and as I wrote on the topic, I am new on fiverr - since 1st December (maybe it’s still to soon and I am just rushing it), but I think I made anything to sell my gig and still nothing. So how long do I still need to wait?

  1. I lower my prices for 50%
  2. I gave some free extras like: unlimited revisions…
  3. I lower the delivery time to 3
  4. I always send offers to buyers requests
  5. I promoted my gig on the social medias … and still waiting for my first gig…
    I really don’t know how much I need to wait for my first gig. I am aware that it needs to pass some time, but reading the forum, makes me realized that some of the buyers have waited for year or more for their first gig and still nothing. So that kinda scares me.
    Any suggestions of what should I need to do more? And can you tell me if there is for real someone who had the luck for their first gig without waiting for such a long time?
    Oh, and I will really appreciate (for those who are looking for realistic digital portrait) to check out my profile, hopefully you’ll be supportive and make me happy by buying my gig.
    I hope you don’t mind by promoting myself like this on the forum.

Thanks in advance, Kristina


I’ve been on the forum for almost a year. During that time, I’ve seen sellers receive orders within hours of signing up. I’ve seen others quit because they haven’t received an order despite being on the platform for years. You come to realize the success and failure of others has little to do with how you’ll perform.

At the moment, you have one Gig. Is there any chance you could expand your profile in order to reach more potential clients? Could you use your artistic skills to design logos, or draw characters for books, or design t-shirts? Naturally, you don’t want to over-extend yourself and do things outside of your comfort zone.

Also, one thing worth keeping in mind is we’re about a week away from Christmas. I think most sellers have seen a slow down in orders. You may notice your Gig gets a little more attention when January arrives.


Thank you, your comment gave me some hope. I think you have a point, maybe it’s because of the holidays :slight_smile: Also yes, I was actually thinking before to make another gig with traditional drawings (with pencil, pastels, watercolor), I hope this will eventually work, since in this moment I am without a job and I really need some money (but, who don’t? :smiley: )


You’re welcome. Many top Fiverr sellers refer to December as the dead month, so, yeah, don’t panic just yet. :slight_smile:

Over the past 18 month, Fiverr has really turned itself into a business-friendly platform. Of course there is still room for other services, but the company has become very business-orientated. If you could offer a Gig that relates to business somehow, that could open up a large new market for you. Perhaps illustrations for articles/social media, logos (which I already mentioned), portrait illustrations for websites – that kind of thing. You can brainstorm it more over the coming days!

The cool thing about Fiverr is you’re allowed 7 Gigs as a new seller. So, you can experiment. If something works, great. If it doesn’t, no big deal.


One technique some sellers use to get their first few orders is to offer a ridiculous price for the first few weeks. Give the farm away, as we say in Britain.

This technique does have its downsides, but it’s undeniable that a profile looks a million times better once it features positive reviews and a real-life Fiverr portfolio.

If you’re bored or anxious, you may wish to go down this route to hopefully get the ball rolling.


Thank you so much for your advice, especially for taking your precious time helping me.
I will definitely listen to your advice about offering ridiculous prices. So I’m guessing the original prices should stay, but only in description to mention that they will have a discount, let’s say with starting from $5 to $15 for the next 2 weeks.


Yeah, I mean, it’s an option. I’ve seen a few sellers use that strategy, and some are now doing very well.

I guess it’s human nature. We like to minimize risk. Buying from an unproven seller is a bit of a risk, but the idea becomes more appealing if the price is very competitive.

Good luck going forward!