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HELP! I think a buyer wants to scam me

I got a message from a supposed buyer, the buyer sent me a document saying that I would find their request in that document. So I downloaded it, in the document the buyer stated that he needs a long-term business relationship and I should sign-up in their company to be a staff after that I should send my details such as name, country, ■■■■■ ID etc. And I should also pay a sign-up fee of $30 then afterwards they would place 3-5 orders daily on Fiverr. He also listed a tempting price range per month.
So please I need advice from the experts and experienced people on Fiverr.
I am still new on Fiverr

What a joke! :joy:

Nope, :x: Abort The Mission :x:

Don’t fall for this mess to put your account at risk.

:fleur_de_lis:Report and Block.

It’s a shady practice, TOS violation and SCAM rolled into one.


Thank you.
I thought as much, I’d report the buyer


Even in this wasn’t a scam and wasn’t a breach of ToS, you should never pay a fee to do work.


You are absolutely right.
Thank you for your input


never pay any penny to such buyers…and do not deal with any buyer, outside

Love & Regards



I agree
Thank you :+1:

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The clue to the scam here is not only them asking you to pay them, but, that they sent this “offer” to you as an attachment. My guess is that if they tried to write whatever they wrote in the messages, it would keep flagging certain words.

Definitely report this as spam after you reply to them in case it would harm your response rate. Good thing you asked about it here before being lured by a “too good to be true” offer.


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Thank you!
I just checked my inbox for the buyer but I couldn’t find his messages again and I think Fiverr has blocked the buyer

First of all they are scammer and should be reported immediately.

You are selling here, not buying!


Pay someone $30 so they can then order from you several times a day? Usually they can do that without the seller paying them first. I hope no one falls for that.


The buyer has been banned

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I hope no one falls for it too

If you think it’s a scam, its always best to avoid it. This sounds like a definite scam case. Never give anyone any info about yourself as a person

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Thank you
The buyer has been banned