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Help! I think what Buyer is asking will violate TOS


I’m pretty sure this is where this discussion goes, but anyway…

Earlier this morning a Buyer purchased my data entry Gig for $5. He did not contact me prior, nor did he give any details in his message about what he would like done. He simply sent this:

"Maddison, email me when you are free. Looking forward to working with you. My e mail is [blank]."

I’m fairly new on the site (four days away from being a month in and making Level 1 seller), so the last thing I need is to get into trouble over a small Gig like this. As far as I know, sharing personal information is against TOS, though it’s alright if it’s to help with completing a Gig.

Should I just remind him that contact outside of Fiverr is against TOS and see if we can get business done over Fiverr? Or should I just go ahead and ask for a mutual cancellation?

Any insight would be wonderful! Thank you!


Just send him a message and ask him to give you the job details, and you will be happy to communicate with him through Fiverr. If he doesn’t reply with the job details just ask for a mutual cancellation…maybe it’s just a misunderstanding :wink:


I guess you should just request a mutual cancellation!


Hi there,

First of all you sould not acces any link from him. Second, there are a lot of customers who dont know about Fiverr TOS. So you should remind him that contact outside of Fiverr is against TOS.


Thank you for the advice guys! [=