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[HELP] I try withdrawing money to paypal but no money left

I try withdrawing money to paypal but no money left. I got 225usd back then but suddenly it dropped down to 5usd and I cannot withdraw anymore. I am sure that I have not done anything wrong. And I still see the number 220usd is available to wirthdraw. Could someone please help me?

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I really would remove your screenshot if I were you. :wink:

Why? Did I violate the rule?

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No - no rules broken - I’m just worried that you’re giving too much information away.

Everybody can see how much you’ve earned, spent, what your balance is etc.

Info like that can be used by others for dodgy things.

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Contact customer support for any payment related issues. You should check your email to see if you got a confirmation email.


contact CS about this as the team is in the best position to answer this.

When this happened to me, paypal told me that I can’t accept payments if I have my payoneer card linked as a funding source. I must either have a credit card or a US bank account.

If you only have your payoneer card linked as a funding source, contact Fiverr customer service to revert the withdrawal and send the money to your payoneer card.

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