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Help i used a fake name and want to change it

I made a Fiverr account and used a fake name because it was my first time here.

My Fiverr gigs are doing very well and now I realized I’m using a fake name. The PayPal linked with it uses my real name.

Luckily I haven’t run into problems yet, but I want to change my name. I’m scared talking to customer service might lock my account, because it’s against ToS. It’s an honest mistake on my behalf. What should I do?

Wait I’m a bit worried now because I haven’t used a real name. But I don’t think there is a way to change it.

If you’re talking about the “Full Name” field I think it lets you change that (click on the profile icon, go to “settings” and change it there and click “save changes”). If you’re talking about your username they won’t mind (I think as long as someone has written a person’s name there that isn’t them etc.) as if you went to CS they can see the name you’ve written in the full name field.

It nowhere to be found in the settings. You can only change the email.

Are you using the Chrome browser? In the settings page it’s letting me change the “full name” field and that field is shown above the email field, though I haven’t tried saving it after changing it. Or are you talking about the username field?

@blackwhitebg All the changes can be done on your profile except your user name. Once written, the username cannot be changed. Don’t be afraid, it will not block your fiverr account.

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first of all tell me that… where you used fake name? is at username/profile name?
…if that is username so you can’t change it … but if that is profile name… so you always change it your self… from setting…
Thank you… best of luck…!

Sorry for the confusion. My real name, not account name. I only see the email field box but I’ll check setting one more time.

This is how my settings look like, I’m using chrome. You can only change the email.

But I found a way to change your name. Once you login write in the url:

This will allow you to change all personal info.

Don’t worry. Contact customer service they give you a solution.:slightly_smiling_face: