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Help I want first order

Hello I am seller on fiverr since May 2019. I have not received any order till i deleted my previous gigs and created new one.Just have a look on my gig.I want first order can anybody help me?


Just answer me one Question:

Why should someone buy from you?

There are are who a cheaper and their gigs look more professional.
If i type “Video Editing” in the search bar: There are 10.780 Services Available.

Why should someone buy from you?

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You should marketing your gigs on Social Media & active Fiverr & Fiverr forum

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Thanks for your comment on my post. So can you guide me that how i can make my gig looks more professional?

Thanks for your comment on my post.
I will do marketing of my gig

You need to optimize gig professionally.

Thanks for your comment on my post.
Can you help me in optimizing my gig?

I agree with you. I need to thinking about it and what should i do to sell my services to buyers. what the point that i need to improve.

Complete profile professionally
create unique gig and put best prices
gig marketing
spend time Fiver forum and learn

I’m also new seller in fiverr
Is this right point ?

Yes, i help you for gig optimization

Thanks…So what should i need to do for that?
send message on my profile

Help I am new
Design logo, Banner ads in coreldraw

I have messaged you on your profile

Do Strong On-Page SEO of your Fiverr Gigs

Doing an excellent On page SEO of your Gigs dramatically lessen the needs of doing extra measures to promote Fiverr gigs. An optimized and valuable content automatically owns the higher authority in the search results. There are 6 things to optimize in your Fiverr gig:

Keyword Research,

Finding effective keywords near your niche is just like collecting the raw material for designing a project. Make sure you’re done with finding some effective keywords for your gig. Let’s find some ways to explore some ways to find keywords!

Gig Title,

You Gig title is one of the first things that the buyer see and decide to visit the rest of your gig. While creating a Gig , your first priority should be the keywords adjustments along with the phrase that fulfills what the buyers are looking for. Learn more on crafting a catchy Fiverr Gig title.

Gig Photo,

The Gig thumbnail is the first thing that attracts the buyers in the search results. Having an attractive photo in your Gig increases the sales rate to an exception. Learn more about the things to avoid in the Gig photos .

Gig Video,

Videofying the gigs is like adding icing on the cake, to say the least. According to Fiverr own research, the gigs having an explainer video got 200% more exposures in the sales. Learn more about the things to avoid in the video .

Search Tags,

Fiverr allows up to 5 search tags in your Gigs. These tags are really crucial to enhance the variations through which your Gigs can be seen by the buyers. Keyword research plays a key role in using effective search tags. Learn more magnifying fiverr gig exposure through the search tags .

Gig Description,

The description is the core heart of your Gig. The tricks like title, thumbnails, videos and the search tags were only to get the clicks and impressions, but, when it comes to getting orders the gig description comes out to be the turning point. You’ve to include all those points about your services that the buyers should have a knowledge i.e. what you are offering? your Gig scope? What’re the prices? etc. Learn more writing a successful Gig description.

Hello i hope this will help you

Good luck
Maria S.

Thanks for your comment on my post.
I will definitely follow your tips.

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Thanks for your comment on my post.
I will definitely follow your tips.