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HELP! I was scammed, now I'm being harassed

I purchased a gig from fragglesrock to provide USA likes to my business Facebook page that I just started. He added a ton of bots and foreign people, none USA. The only USA are my friends that liked my page. I gave him a chance to make it right and he refused, so I left him a 1 star review.

Now he’s posting 1 star reviews on my BUSINESS FACEBOOK PAGE!!! he is messing with my business, my livelihood. I don’t know what to do. Why is a crazy dishonest seller allowed to be here on fivver? What do I do???

sheriff’s note: calling out of buyers and sellers is not permitted on the forum

The big problem is that whatever you do, it won’t stop the seller. Sure, it’s possible to get him removed on fiverr if you have enough proof for the customer support team. However, this won’t help you on facebook because if you contacted facebook they would tell you that it is against their tos to buy likes, so they won’t help much either.

The best thing you could do is trying to get the seller remove the reviews again, but even that is unlikely to happen. My recommendation is simply not buying likes, followers and so on as it always causes trouble and is against the tos of all the social sites.

I know, this will not really help you, but maybe it helps in future when you think about promotion. I still wish you all the best in getting this resolved.

Thanks guys. I did it by recommendation from a friend. I didn’t realize the random seller I picked would be such a horrible person. And I’m not sure why his username changed to fragglerock???

OH haha OK makes sense. Sorry didn’t even think about that whole username thing. I guess I was hoping to get some insight on that particular user and perhaps deter others from interacting with him. I’m really upset that he’s completely ruined my business page, very immature.

Ok, this will not go down well with you, @hermusic, but I can’t keep it inside:
The seller is definitely immature and not professional. You’re working with illegal measures.
Who is worse?
Don’t call out to users on the forum. Leave a HONEST and TRUTHFUL review on the project you bought. This will really deter others from buying.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. What illegal measures? Do you mean me being harassed, what he is doing to me?

Yes I left an honest and truthful review, which is why I didn’t think it was right to cancel because it was important for me to share my experience with potential buyers.

Reply to @hermusic: buying Likes on facebook is per facebook ToS illegal:

I am not judging you, this is just a comment. I know how tempting it is to get Likes so easily and cheap as much as fake tweets and what-not.
The Sellers are probably able to play the system because they know that you won’t be able to do much about it without getting yourself into trouble.

so you are trying to ruin his livelihood by leaving him a 1 star review when he actually provided the fake likes like you ordered. and you are mad that he wants to ruin your livlihood by leaving bad reviews on your fb page?? are we suppose to feel sorry for you, i think not.

Why you buy BULK likes? How in world it is possible to provide 1000 or 2000 likes in 2-3 days? I provide managing and marketing services for facebook pages we invite our facebook friends to like your page, we promote your page to the social networks where we have a 100k+ audience to get your page out there in the market and make interested people know about your page, we even use hashtags to bring traffic to your post. We do the hard work and bring real likes and traffic. But buyer don’t purchase gigs from us as they think its “EXPENSIVE” where we provide guaranteed turn around or money back guarantee they term it as “EXPENSIVE”. The work these frauds do take 2-3 mins and all the likes eventually will be removed in 2-3 weeks by facebook itself compared to the work we do takes 2-3 days and they stay permanently on your page as they are real and active peoples liking your page, post.

We will promote one of your post to only our facebook audience and you can see the results in facebook analyst page through post reach, likes, click etc. But as said people term us as “EXPENSIVE” and buy gigs from this peoples who provide thousands of likes and when you check the analyst page the post reach is 0 as the likes they provide are fake and are brought by bots.

It’s the fault of both buyer and seller, not just the seller as it is humanly impossible to bring so many real likes in such a short time without any proofs. Fiverr or Facebook neither will take any action against it as it is against their TOS to sell or buy likes, you can just report to Fiverr and they will suspend the account of the seller but I will suggest you to make a deal with the buyer and ask him to remove all the reviews and tell them you will also remove yours from there profile. This is the best option, as no one can help you in any way in this situation only you who can help yourself and after reporting the matter there account will get deleted eventually so your review don’t matter so first deal with the seller and then report about him to Fiverr that he is breaking the TOS by selling likes here on Fiverr and give them all the screenshots of the irrelevant reviews he posted on your page and harassed you, he will be suspended for sure.

We have good repeat customers who buy our management and promotion services on weekly and monthly basis as they know the quality work we provide as it takes time to make up a fan/customer base it just don’t happen overnight!

Reply to @hermusic: Fragglerock is a common word used instead of calling out a particular Fiverr username. It is just like saying “This anonymous user is awful”

Calling out a username for any reason on the forum is prohibited. Forum Sheriffs; (i.e. Editors) remove the username and replace it with “FRAGGLEROCK” instead.

I hope I explained it clearly.