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Help id verification, support not helping

Hi everyone,

I live in the province of New Brunswick, Canada and have submitted my driver’s license, which is a government issued photo ID and is allegedly accepted by the site, for verification. Imagine my surprise when I received an email saying I did not upload a supported ID type, since a driver’s license is the first supported ID type on the list.

So, I contact support. Their proposed solution is for me to upload a license from a different province to verify my identification. You cannot legally obtain an identification from a province you do not reside in, so it is quite a ridiculous and shocking suggestion.

I have 2 active gigs and have completed 7, I have about $300 pending right now that I am not going to be able to withdraw because of this. I am in panic mode right now and very, very upset with Fiverr in general. It seems so great, but now I feel like they’ve made their money for commission off my work and are just going to pretty much tell me I am out of luck unless I break a federal law for a fraudulent ID.

Is anyone here from New Brunswick? Or does anyone have a way around this? Is there anyway to contact someone higher up in support, as I am not even talking to a team lead, just an agent. I do not have a passport and they take quite a few months to get, so even if I get one my time to verify will have run out.

Thanks in advance from a confused and frustrated Atlantic Canadian.

It has been escalated further to the right department. I am hopeful that it will get resolved soon, because I really do enjoy Fiverr’s interface and have found great buyers so far. It would be a shame for this obscure ID issue to get in the way of continuing to sell here.


That is really unfortunate. Also very weird. And confusing. There has been many incidents exactly like these. First thing I suggest you to search on this forum regarding this issue by typing something like “id verification”. You can maybe learn something new to solve the issue.

There are many valid ID proofs in Canada according to this article:

I suggest you to send some of these if you have them. I cannot say that they will be accepted by Fiverr or not.

You can contact Fiverr on Facebook or twitter(highly active), and tell them the whole story with screenshots and every possible details. Maybe something good will happen.

Just don’t talk rudely with any support staff because there have been instances where users will have to face more issues just by talking abusively or rudely.

We all are sellers and buyers here on this forum. We cannot help you regarding this issue on an administrative level, only Fiverr support can fix this for you.

Hope the problem will be fixed soon.
Keep us updated.


Thanks for the tips!

That’s very strange. Surely they know you can’t roam around the country getting licenses from various provinces. Even if you could I don’t see how it would help.

I am starting to think it might have been an automatic reply, but really odd that only some Canadian province are included. Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and the 3 territories were not on the list of accepted provinces.

I am hoping it is just some sort of oversight, since it is the smaller provinces that are not on the list, and the territories are sparsely populated.

You may also find this helpful: SUCCESSFUL Fiverr ID Verification: Here's what you need to know


I’m very happy to report that my ID is now verified. I’m really happy with support’s quick response to it. Hopefully they look into whatever caused the issue in the first place so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.


can you tell us how did you are verified? or it was by following this guide?
Thank you so much!