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HELP! Identity verification doesn't work

Hello everyone,

Fiverr asked me to verify my identity. That is no problem to me, but the verification site just won’t work. I need to upload my documents, but the site doesn’t do anything. I need to click on a button, but the button is basically dead. I tried for hours, refreshed the site a million times but it is still the same. I already contacted the support, but I didn’t get an answer yet. I got much money on pending clearance and I can’t afford to lose the money I worked for. But I just see no option to upload the documents if the site where I should do that is just dead.

Can anyone help?

Thank you very much.


You can read this post . It will help you to pass the verification process .

Sometime they take time to response. Do not worry .Wait for their response.

If you can not pass the verification process and fiverr restrict your account then you do not need to worry about your earned money. You can withdraw those revenue after the clearance.


The notification I got says “Please take a moment to verify your identity within 14 days. After 14 days your account will be restricted from creating gigs, receiving new orders and withdrawing funds”. So my money would be gone, just because their verification website doesn’t work. That is an big issue.


Other sellers are verifying their accounts. And As I told wait for the support’s reply. If their website has any issue they will fix it…

And As I already mentioned you will not lose your money if your account got restricted .You can withdraw those money after clearance. And if your account got disabled then You can withdraw the revenue after 90 days of suspension . So in both options you are getting your money …

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Here’s what worked for one seller:

Good luck!


Don’t worry about the restriction, if it ever happens. When the verification system was not working for me. My account was restricted, but after a fix was applied by one nice Customer Care Representative.i verified with my international passport and my account came to life within 2 minutes.

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That’s good to know. Thanks

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Umm, this still isn’t working? Not sure how you all solved it. It’s kind of ridiculous Fiverr charges us so much for angry warnings and faulty systems like this…


I had the same issue but I used Firefox browser and it worked for me just try it,it gonna be successful.

i have the problem help me please

I solved the problem by installing the “Mobile View Switcher” add-on for Firefox. Just open Fiverr and tell the add-on to switch to the mobile view. With this mobile view it worked, but in the app and in the desktop version it didn’t.

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try to verify your id using different mobile, clear cache from your browser,

i already gave the information needed. id photo and other requirements. but still it says that verify the account… what should i do?

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Try asking to the support service, open a ticket. I’m still waiting for them to give me another attempt to verify myself…

I am having the same issue and have been waiting for Fiverr for 4 MONTHS now for them to do something about it.