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HELP! Ignorant buyer is threatening to complain about me to customer support!

I’m not sure what to do about this issue…

I had a very long and frustrating transaction with a buyer recently. To sum it all up, they gave unclear instructions about what they wanted, were very rude when I delivered the final product (which he considered incorrect, again, because of his unclear instructions), and refused to accept any of the revisions I made. He refuses to point out specific parts that are “incorrect,” even though I offered to fix them. The order is now complete, and after so many rude comments by him, I decided to halt conversation with him and wish him best of luck. Now he plans on reporting me to customer service?

What do I do?

Well, he did leave the feedback, and I responded appropriately, noting all other happy customers, his difficulty in negotiating, and how he was rude responding about my work. I think it will look OK on the gig page, surrounded by the 30 other positive review :slight_smile:

Also, to note, just this morning he sent me an example of a part of his work that was wrong, “after discussing with Fiverr technical support.” THIS IS WHAT I HAD BEEN ASKING HIM FOR TWO WEEKS AGO!!! If he had sent that two weeks ago we very well could’ve finished the order the way it was intended and moved on in a positive light.

Silly people… :slight_smile:

Well, if you know you didn’t do anything wrong, they shouldn’t do anything against you? They will not refund him money if the order is delivered, only they can change his rating (so he may give you negative rating :/). You should maybe contact them as well, showing them screenshot of you offering revisions and making it better, and ask them not to accept his requests against you?

@ynneblack Oh, if only that was true. All CS seems to tell me lately in regards to an issue was “work it out with the buyer” even in one case where the buyer was slandering me in a feedback in which I had to end up offering a mutual cancellation because apparently slander wasn’t a valid reason. Neither was a “typo” that I proved didn’t even exist in the first place.

Reply to @freelancemm: Sounds familiar - he is the first out of about 150 gigs that has given me any issues. He did post a negative review, but I responded to it addressing the concerns - so it is visible on my page. Hopefully people checking out the gig page will realize he was being fussy, when EVERY OTHER ORDER has a 100% rating.

I know it IS very upsetting to run into this kind of character but it happens to everyone in every type of business. It goes with the territory. What you said above in your last sentence is how you should respond in your feedback, mentioning the 100%

I’ve run a pretty successful illustration gig and have had only happy customers so far. One time only, a customer gave me a negative rating, without warning, without giving me a chance to fix it. I reported the incident and Fiverr removed the negative review very quickly.

As long as you have done nothing wrong, I wouldn’t worry about it, and if he rates you badly report it to customer support and explain your situation.

Reply to @musicevolved: Yeah unfortunately I focus on the up-sell rather than bulk orders so when I get a bad feedback, it may be shown up there for over a month. Not exactly good for business!

Reply to @ffionevans: Must have been lucky. I have a bad feedback from a while back from a “typo” that never existed and Fiverr CS refuses to remove it. I got slandered in another order and once again, Fiverr refused to remove it(Had to mutually cancel for that one.)