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HELP im a seller

how does this work,this is my take…i buy A GIG for 5$ and than i create that gig but im creating it to publish,and fiverr gets 100 example buyers and charges them say 300 dollars and i get 400 dollars per sale but i dont really want the service im just creating gigs,now please somebody answer me how does this work,am i wrong,cause if i dont want the gig wtf?

You’ve completely misunderstood the way Fiverr works!!

If you decide to sell something or offer a service, you register on Fiverr site and then create a gig (be careful to guidelines); when this gig is approved you can start selling it.

How does this happen? Simple: Fiverr site is visited from millions buyers that are able to see your gig (because Fiverr shows it among the others, maybe rotating them in the home page, or because of search feature) and buy it.

When a buyer is interested can either directly place an order or talk to you to agree about his needs and the amount of gigs he has to pay.

Finally, when the order is placed, Fiverr takes buyer’s money immediately and wait for you to deliver your gig and the buyer to accept the delivery; after a successful delivery you have to wait 14 days to receive your money, that is parked on your Fiverr account. With money received you can buy other gigs (you can be a buyer) or withdraw it on your Paypal account.

This is a very brief description that you should have read on Fiverr before registering!!

If you want more details, read Fiverr site, Fiverr ToS and this forum!