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HELP! i'm blocked from communicating with my buyers

somehow fiverr system mistakenly blocked me from any communication with my buyers, i can’t reply messages, or start new gigs or deliver those needed to be deliver. this is a nightmare…

but worse… my support ticket i opened 17 hours ago is still OPEN and waiting for reply…

what can be done?

please help anyone…

Thank you,



First, it can take 1-2 days before you hear back from customer support so give it more time.

Second, it looks like if all you sell it YouTube views and likes that could be a big problem and your account may be in the process of being shut down here on Fivver. It’s against the rules of YouTube to buy views see here:

What usually happens is you are flying under the radar until one of your buyers has their youtube account shut down and then they go complain to Fiverr. Since nearly all your gigs are for YT views, I am guessing your account may be getting banned.

You did not it is against the terms of youtube to sell views, right?

You must know that promoting your gigs through messages is not allowed, if any seller or buyer report you, your messages will be disabeled, and customer support take 24-48 hours to respond.

hi, im blocked from communicating with my seller. I already contacted support 4 days ago with no reaction. this is ridiculous. I lost 5 Dollars and have only troubles.
This is criminal if nobody cares!!!

thank god (and thank fiverr support team) my message abilities restored, it seems that i replied too fast to many users, from now on i will work slowly.

yeah sometimes it happens. we had same situation. But now everything is fine. Good Luck.

Reply to @onlinedzshop: thanks but i never did that, it happened when i was offline, i use messaging only to reply my buyers nothing else.

i got initial response from fiverr support, they are checking this with the marketplace team.

Reply to @sincere18: thanks for the reply, but this is surly not the case, i do ONLY legit VSEO promotion using real traffic of real users, and it’s totally allowed by youtube, i severed thousands of youtubers since 2012 and all my buyers are happy.

this is something else, i wonder if some single buyer clicked on the wrong button and submitted “spam report” and the system is set to auto-block…

“Messaging disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue.”