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😟Help:I'm falling down from fiverr

Fiverrs or fiverr users😁,
I’ve started my fiverr account before a lot of time.
And I get my first order luckily in august.
And the second one in august too.I have done my first order superbly.
*5.0 review.
After completing first order my gig impressions,views,clicks are get higher.

But I Loss my second order and I had to cancel it.After canceling my order competition get 50%:cry:.
And now all the sides of my fiverr house are downning.Please help me to rebuild my house.
To get more and more orders.

Please FRIENDS help me.

Seems you just started since you have only 2 orders on your account it went to 50% 1 completed other one cancelled. Order Completion Rate is only visible to you but of course it hits your account visibility on search but still you can come back again putting BUYER REQUESTS, Sharing your gigs social media platforms.


Two way flow. Successfully complete 10 more orders anytime in the space of 60 days from when you had that cancelled order and your order completion will jump above 90%.

Alternatively, you can continue doing what you know how to do best and after 60 days from that order cancellation, it’s effect will no longer be on your analytics. [Back to 100%, even if you never process any order before the said 60th day. But I’m sure you’ll]

Best of times!

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I personally think it is a bit too early for you to sound like it’s the end of the world, after all you had only (I’m not trying to sound mean here) 2 orders. None of us can help you really, and if you want advice on how to make your gigs stand out more, there are TONS of posts here in the forum that are helpful, and you’ll need to go read them yourself.

One thing I will point out is that logo designs are in an EXTREMELY competitive category, you’ll be needing to put in a lot of effort to make your gig unique, and unfortunately yours do not stand out. You might want to use your own personal designs in your portfolio rather than just using images from freepik.

I’m not trying to steal jonbass’s line, but what have you done to market/promote your gigs?


Thnx.:yellow_heart:Hope your support in future…

:flushed:Thanks so much for advising.

You’re always welcome…

:joy: :+1:
Yes, I’ve seen this line numerous time from jonbass.