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Help! I'm marked late but delivered two days ago!


I delivered two days ago. It said something like it will take up to three days to show up somewhere and pending. I emailed my client that it was done at that time.

Why doesn’t fiverr see this and what do I do now???

This is my first gig!!! Help!


I’m not sure what you’re saying about “it said something…somewhere…pending”. Where are you seeing this?

On your order page, the banner across the top checks each step of the process off as you & your buyer do what needs to be done. (“Payment collected”, “buyer submitted info”). There are also messages between your communications & actions on the page (“order started”). When you delivered your order, you should have clicked the green “Deliver Now” button after attaching any files you needed to send to your buyer. After that, the countdown clock should’ve stopped, the top banner should now have a checkmark next to “order delivered” and there should also be a message on the page with a blue box icon that says “Yea! Here’s your delivery”. On your “To Do” page, the order should have a button that says “Done”. If you don’t have any of these indications that your order was completed, then perhaps you did something wrong or there is a technical problem. Did your buyer get whatever you delivered? Is the order marked as delivered or done on his order page? If not you’ll need to contact Customer Service (links on bottom of every page or & open a ticket.


I did hit Deliver, but had nothing to attach. The client asked that I go to his site and write two reviews for dogs. I did it and messaged him through fiverr with the sign in info I used for his site as he requested. On fiverr for this job it says, “YEEHAAA! HERE’S YOUR DELIVERY! This order will be marked as complete in 3 days.” so I thought it was a completed delivery. It also says I’m late.


Since this is driving me crazy I went and copied my reviews from the client’s site into a word doc and resubmitted the delivery on fiverr and attached the word doc. I guess even when you send an off site job you have to send a copy of that job to fiverr as an attachment? I’m hoping this clears it up.

Still hope for more information as to why I couldn’t get it marked as delivered without the attachment? What do people do who are selling stuff? Upload a photo?