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Help! im trying to find people to promote my gigs!


HI i run a fiverr account offering homework completion(mainly English),mobile game aid and “literally anything” for cheap prices; i’m struggling to find business and would appreciate promotions for free/discounted gig of mine.


Homework-related Gigs are banned on Fiverr. Such Gigs are removed pretty quickly.

Perhaps you could write articles instead? Arguably they’re easier to write than essays, so that’s a plus. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply, i wasn’t aware of homework gigs being banned, i described my gigs as research and written essays on any given topic; however to make it more appealing i described it as homework completion.

Thanks for informing me this crucial infomation. :grin:


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works as a violation can risk your account.

Nobody is going to promote your gigs for you but this may help:


You should improve the gigs you have before trying to promote them. Right now they don’t look very professional at all- only a couple of sentences per gig description and a basic stock photo cover.
People come to fiverr for cheap services, sure, but they’re still looking for professional quality. As it stands, there would be no reason to choose your gig over anyone else’s- it looks like you’re just trying to make a quick buck with no actual effort or skill.

Polish up your gig, explain what qualifies you to do the job, as well as what makes YOU better than others, and maybe add profile videos to each gig. Something personalised that actually entices people to give your gig a try.

Then, you’ll start getting views and clicks and more impressions without having to pay anyone to promote your gig. Gig promotion won’t help you if the quality is subpar.


And I would definitely add examples to the “I will do anything” gig because that’s so broad and vague that it’s more likely someone will look for a specific service instead. That being said, it COULD be a fun/quirky idea if you put up a really good/humorous gig video showcasing some of the random things you could be asked to do. That way, people will have a much better idea of what they’re actually buying.


Nobody will promote your gigs. That’s your responsibility, it’s your business. Everybody promotes themselves.

You need to improve your profile, starting with gig descriptions, gig images, profile description, the number of gigs you have and more. You cannot succeed without doing what you need to do to succeed. :slight_smile: