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Help Improve my GIG Please!

Help Me Improving My GIG Please

Been 2 months and I still don’t have any orders.
Experts out there please help and let me know what can I do to Improve my GIG?

If Clients are looking for someone who has lots of reviews before Ordering. Then how do I even get any orders?
Without orders, I will never get any reviews. I am still not giving up but I need some help.

My GIG is now showing up on 4th page for Wordpress website design.

Thank you,


Your prices for a new seller are much too high for one thing.

Have you bothered to look at your images?

Take out all those check marks in the description.

If I were looking for a site and saw the images as I scrolled through I would leave. See if you can see what I saw that would make me do that. Look at your images.


Hey, I will consider all the points you said and improve them.
Will lower the prices, Remove checkmark’s from the description.
Will change my gig images. Should I change all of them? I have changed my images more than 5-6 times in the last 2 months.
Thank you for your suggestions. Will help me a lot.


add more gig images and inprove image quality.
review other relevant gigs and update gig imformation
reduce prices of gigs


Thank you.:+1: Changed gig image and reduced price too

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I don’t know, but I would shorten up the title of your gig to make it more concise!

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The presentation I didn’t realize it was a presentation, look at it as a preview and you may see it differently. It looks a bit generic, like what is included in the theme.

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thank you :heart_eyes:

What can I do to improve my gig? I’ve just started, so it’s understandable that I’m not getting recognition right away. However, I’m not getting many impressions, and even fewer clicks. I’ve even done a bit of promoting on social media, but nothing is working. what can I do? can you please give me ideas? also, should I agree to people when they want to tell me their requirements through calls?

(p.s. I would rather not use my face or give out my personal details, which is why I’m going as wixmaker and not my name)