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Help improve my gigs

Please can any senior freelancers here help me out by going through my profile and gigs to see where I went wrong and possibly give advice on how to improve my gig’ appearance.
Please your advice is really needed.


Hi there @qualitybay, your question does not refer to me, because I’m far from being a senior Freelancer :rofl: and still very much a rookie. However, welcome to the Forum. I wish you all the best !!
Regards, Humberto


I’m not a senior freelancer, I have only been here for quite some time.

FROM Personal perspective: First after carefully going through 4 of your gigs, first gig “I Will Provide Logo Or Total Branding Kit” Maybe organize the About this gig and have more questions with answers by carefully description what you do and services you provide

Second and most importantly, I noticed that some covers in the gigs are low quality, try putting your own work as cover, try making it eye catchy, Ask yourself the question “what differs my gig from other people”, “Does my gig stand alone from all other people’s gigs?” I don’t have a customer yet but as a Powerpoint designer, I have been doing powerpoint slides every day to not only improve my covers but also improve my skills

AGAIN: This is from personal perspective. Good luck on Fiverr and I wish you all the best!

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Good Can you help me in reviewing my Gigs…

Thanks a lot for that kind view, I’m grateful.

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I wish you all the best! Never give up and keep on learning and improving, there are always things to learn everyday, hopefully one day I will see you on top page.