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Help In Sketching Resources

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:
I Hope you are all well.
I’m a Graphic Designer and now also I’m learning Animation but I didn’t have experience in good sketching .And I also now that it’s first step to improving sketching .I also have searched on udemy,skillshare,YouTube but I can’t find exactly that I need ( All about sketching step by step) .There is much video but these are not a step by step courses.SO plz if anyone now about this or about best resources then plz let me know.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Sketching… You mean pencil drawing?

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Yes,pencils drawing Step by step I want to learn .

I will sketch and color your custom character art

This is exactly your gig Title that I want to learn sketching for 2D animation

Start simple.
Just draw.
Like everything in life, to learn you must work (that includes practice and studying).

As for animation, that’s a whole different topic. I’m a sketch-artist illustrator, not an animator.

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Ah! good.Ok thanks for guide and Finally I got some resources and Now starting sketching .these are really best resources that I have got from Different platforms.