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Help! is fiverr really working for new arrivals?

I have up to 3 GIGS on Translation services but i am yet to recieve an order, can someone educate me more on how to improve my GIG and get orders coming in?


Use the search box up top and search “Tips for new sellers”. You will find plenty of information given by more veteran sellers.


Send proposals everyday, it can take some time - but once you start getting your first few jobs and reviews things will pick up quickly :slight_smile: goodluck!


Thank you. I’m new in Fiverr and your advice helped me a lot. Thanks

The problem is, new sellers, such as yourself, come to Fiverr, and expect immediate success. They expect hundreds of “free” sales, and they expect Fiverr and everyone else here on the forums to make everything happen for them.

Fiverr is not about coming here and becoming rich with orders. Fiverr is about offering a service, and maintaining those services like any businessman would. Fiverr is NOT about “working for new arrivals”; Fiverr is about giving “new arrivals” a place to work for themselves.


It can take a while and that is nothing strange. Have you seen these tips:

Good luck to you!


It looks not possible to increase on fiverr if you are a new seller.

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Fiverr’s latest experiment “Review by period - Lifetime Reviews and Last 60 days” with the last 60 days # being the one that first shows up in search - virtually puts everyone on the same playing field. I have a gig with 589 reviews, but only 53 in the past 60 days, as a result it looks initially like I haven’t completed many orders. I have over 5000 positive reviews, and 7 years of fiverr under my belt, and right now, that matters not. I look no more experienced in search – at first glance-- than many newer sellers. Buyers haven’t become savvy yet to the two numbers - lifetime, or 60 days, so they look at the 59, and don’t look any further. Particularly if they’re looking for an experienced seller. To be honest it sucks!

I’m wayyyyy down the page with a couple of my gigs - while people with no reviews, 5 or 20 are listed before me.

In addition, if you scroll down the listing in your category - there’s sellers from every level listed, including NO level well ahead of established sellers with thousands of reviews

But… :zipper_mouth_face: I continue to market MYSELF, via social media - niche targeting - and make things happen - which is what I suggest you do.

You have as much opportunity as anyone else does.


There are plenty of new sellers here that got their first order very quickly.
They had the skills and everything that was needed, and perhaps a bit of luck too.
In most cases though, it can take days, weeks, even months.

The important thing is not just patience, but you NEED THE SKILLS.
I checked your gigs, and in almost all of the descriptions I see you typing
“i am” “i can.” “i will.”
If it’s just one, I can see that as a careless mistake ( even though will also see it as a lack of professionalism since you failed to double check your description before posting it) but when I see it happen more than once, it’s enough for me to raise and eyebrow especially if you are offering something like translations.

Now you might not be an editor, but that is enough to prevent a good number of
potential sellers from buying your gig. I myself will not want to order your gig.
I’m sorry if I’m sounding harsh, but I hope this gives you an idea.


Hi,we all started as new seller.


search for your competitors gigs and do marketing in facebook and twitter . find the marketing strategies by searching google and try to implement them . it will help you for sure .

i am also visit my gig and hope you can search it out

thanks. i really appreciate