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Help is it normal?


Is it normal for buyers not to respond after they recieve the order?
Like I need reviews and I am getting no response from them.


yup, it happens all the time.
if you really need it, you should ask them while delivering your work to leave few kind words if they’re satisfied with the result.
but don’t expect that averyone will do it


Yeah its pretty normal . May be he is busy. Just drop a message in inbox asking about the order and if he need something else and If he is satisfied, then kindly review your order.


Like @saddu_writer said it’s very very very normal. There may be many reasons behind his unresponsiveness like, he likes your work & he doesn’t need any edits, he may be waiting for his Boss’s approval, he may be busy, he may be on vacation, and etc. Sometimes they takes time & later they give a review. But it’s okay for you to send them a general reminder saying that you like to know their feedback about the delivered work.


@easyforu some buyer did’t give feedback. I complete lot of work, some buyer give me nice ratting but some buyer not response after complete work.


I find that 80% of my buyers leave feedback, the others I never hear anything from.


Thank you for your replies. She Reviewed by work today. But I think buyers should always leave a review not for the sake of other buyer but seller aslo so he/ she can know the level of work and how they can improve it.
Self assessment is important.


Good luck on that… If you get 70-80% you are doing very well in terms of ratings.

Buyers want their gig returned to them, and many aren’t going to rate us. Just life in the on-line business.