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(HELP) Is this a legit warn!?

Hello guys, this is my first post here, altho I’ve been reading forum posts wherever I needed help with something. So I woke up this morning(few minutes ago) and I saw that my gig received a warning. The gig was out there for more than month and a half, and I even made some money from it, actually it was the best reviewed gig out there. If it is out there it also means it passed regular review first time. All the images are from royalty free websites, free licence for both, PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL use. I recently had an order where I helped customer to find images for his project, he was completely satisfied and that video will be on YT soon. Also, every other customer was fully satisfied and I received 5 stars for every job so far! Can you guys please share your thoughts, I would appreciate it.

Here is my profile so you can see all reviews:


Warnings can be for a number of reasons. If its from Fiverr, yes it’s a legitimate warning. Something about that gig is breaking the terms of service on Fiverr. Have a review of the TOS and check to see if you’re breaking any of them, such as links in the gig description that aren’t on the approved list etc.

Just because it’s a gig that’s been active and running doesn’t mean it’s been reviewed by a person, just it went through the system. Possibly it’s been picked up as your listing was rising the ranks in that category and was reviewed by a person


Thanks for your fast reply. I have sent a question to customer service and I hope I will get an answer. Im trying to figure out what exactly could be the reason for that. I have seen other gigs with the same service, even almost the same name, and they are all doing well so far. I really try my best to make a good and legit sale.

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Apparently, this is the reason:

I don’t get it, I clearly state I will FIND royalty free image. And no, im not that kind of person that types something in Google search and put those images. I use only legit sites, with the licence for legal commercial use. So far, people understood what I was doing :stuck_out_tongue:

You could try explaining that to CS and see what they say.

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I’ve sent them a question, I hope I will get an answer soon. Thanks for your reply and advice :slight_smile:

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Did you use images from Getty Images tool? Otherwise it isn’t allowed.

It doesn’t matter if you state in your gig that they are stock images, stock images aren’t allowed on Fiverr unless they are done the right way. That’s why you got a strike. I suggest you read TOS.


What gig category/subcategory is this under? That may require you to use original images, as stated in the denial.

Sourcing images wouldn’t be appropriate for a design or photography category. It’s research, not design or photography.


I need to pay for those, my job is to find FREE images, that can be used for commercial use. What’s point of my gig, if Getty buyer needs to buy licences for a lot of money. I went trough other gigs, they also offer images from sites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock etc. I personally use Pexels and Pixabay most of the time. I’ve read ToS again. I would like you to elaborate and tell me more about it. Thanks for your reply

So far, I think this might be the reason. Im not sure in which category it was, but definitely not in research. Thanks for telling me this. So I should change it to Market Research? Just asking to be sure. Thanks for your answer!

No because that isn’t market research at all. I encourage you to look up the definition of that.

Not sure what is should be in.

Yeah if you’re in design or category, you have to be creating, not sourcing.

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I just did some re search, with other users that have the same service. Some of them are best sellers with 20+ reviews. A lot of them is in design and Photoshop category, yet they are still online and accessible.

Here is one example, there are others too:****

To be honest, I’m confused now :smiley: I guess I will wait for the CS reply.

Mod Note: Gig link removed.

Well remember that lots of sellers have active gigs in things Fiverr doesn’t permit. That doesn’t necessarily mean Fiverr is okay with them. There are probably hundreds of thousands of gigs on Fiverr. Fiverr can’t moderate all of them.

I’m not saying my explanation suggestion was accurate. I don’t know. I’m just saying that the presence of other gigs doing this doesn’t give reason to think it’s incorrect.

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