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Help - Is This Review Manipulation - (Could I get in Trouble)

Righty ho… I have a buyer from hell at the moment & here’s a brief synopsis:

Buyer orders a $50 promo video with a $10 extra for 1 - day delivery. I delivered the work and the buyer requested an extensive round of revisions. I completed the revisions and redelivered. Immediately, the buyer then says, I got a video like this for $10. Please cancel and refund my money.

Needless to say, I am furious about this. In this case, I said no, pointed out that I am familiar with this buyer/scammer tactic, and that should the buyer cancel, they would have no right to use any content provided by me anywhere online.

The buyer then starts bombarding me with messages, calling my work not worth $60, not at all what they wanted, and sends me a video file which they have received from another seller for $10, to show how my work is not worth any more than theirs. (It was awful).

At this point, (because the buyer was being very passive aggressive) I flagged their message and informed them that I since their behavior was now in breach of Fiverr’s TOS, I would not be engaging in any kind of further discssion. Then the buyer sent more messages saying the likes of “TOS my A** (rude word for bottom).” And I just ignored these.

Now, however, the buyer has returned asking me to make one more amendment to their video. If I do this, they say they will leave a 5-star review. - And this is where I am a bit nervous.

I NEVER ask for reviews. In fact, I would like to say. “I will be happy to provide this revision FOC, however, i would also be happy for you to rate this order exactly as you feel inclined to. If you have had a poor experience, simply state this.”

However, I have a few worries:

  • The wording of this buyers messages so far has been very manipulative. They are implying things like I am agreeing that my work has not taken me any time and is below par when I have said nothing of the sort.
  • The way the current message is worded makes it sound like I am requesting a 5-star review and holding the buyer to ransom for that with this revision (Which I am certainly not)
  • I know that if I say anything about reviews, (i.e. please review honestly) the message will likely get flagged for review by Fiverr and… Well, since robots read everything…
  • If I say nothing and redeliver this order with the requested changes, it looks (because of how the buyer has worded their message) that I am guilty of review manipulation (AND I AM NOT).

So what do I do???


You can say

I will be glad to do one more revision if it is within reason. I do not expect anything in return for that. Be aware that this is not going to be cancelled.


I am sorry you got a buyer like this. They seem very crafty. :male_detective: It sounds like you are between a rock and a hard place. :confounded:

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I’m sorry to say but in all likelihood, if you provide him with that 1 revision, he will leave you with a horrible review.

Sounds like a really manipulative person, who decided to get one more thing from you, after trying to get a refund and talking to you like you owe him $.

EDIT: Can you afford to cancel? (stats + bottom line wise)


If the revision is reasonable, I would just do it and not mention the review. Buyers mention reviews in that way all the time when asking for stuff and I have never had an issue about it.
Admittedly, never had one do it after a spate of nastiness.

Perhaps say something like - your satisfaction is important to me and so I will be happy to do this one last revision for you to be completely happy with it.


I’m actually fine with this. It gives me an opportunity to warn other sellers in my review of him, never to do business with the guy.

Besides, the joke is on this guy really. They are clearly used to not spending more than $5-$10 on Fiverr and as such are so far marketing their ‘business’ with:

  • A knocked off Videohive animated logo intro
  • A logo which itself is made up of 2 composite big brand logos
  • What looks like an MS Word clipart created brand mascot
  • An incredibly poorly designed product brochure made in MS Word which on one side features cut and pasted text from a separate business offering a similar product

In short, I could get the cast of Game of Thrones to act in a cinematic commercial for their God awful product and you would still need to be a lobotomy patient to even consider signing up to their (also incredibly awful) website.


You know, this is why Fiverr really needs to get a grip from a support level for sellers. 1 x revision has now turned into 3 with a request that I add an audio file to the video in question which the buyer can only send me a screenshot of on their computer. - Meaning I have to go and pay to buy this music track, as well as any licence fees.

Not happening. Looks like cancellation tennis will now ensue.

Latest Message: “Provide an email address I can send it to you”

  • At least i ca now prove they are attempting to circumvent TOS.

Now that is a good name for it!

Score one for you!

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Before I got a chance to chip in my opinion and tell you exactly what I think will happen, you’ve already posted an update…

That is exactly what was expected.

My advice would be after the last exchange not to answer any of their messages with anything other than a templated: “My apologies, but due to the abusive behavior, ad hominem insults and threats which you’ve made, several times breaching the ToS guidelines, I am unfortunately unable to continue communication with you. As per the ToS, considering the order is not eligible for cancellation as I’ve delivered everything agreed upon, this order will be completed. AS per the ToS, you are free to leave your honest opinion through the feedback system. If you require any further communication, considering it’s impossible from my side as I have to protect myself from your continuous ToS breaches and abusive behavior, please contact the Fiverr CS and the issue will be resolved according to their judgement of the situation.”

It’s a LIE that Fiverr CS always sides with the buyer. I’ve had literally dozens of situations in which they’ve done exactly the opposite during my years on Fiverr.

When I’m clearly right and the buyer is abusive, I know that they will say that they “can’t force the buyer to accept the order” and recommend “communicating further towards the resolution of the issue” both to me and the buyer.

Considering I chose not to cancel, the order either:

  • Stays in “revision” limbo for years until 6 or so months later the Buyer gets tired and chooses to accept it, leaving me 1 star.
  • Ends with the buyer leaving me 1 star immediately and me professionally responding to it
  • Ends with the buyer giving up and leaving the order to complete without leaving a bad review.

All fair for me.

But never cave in to the blackmails.

If someone threatens, insults and abuses you, then degrades your work all the while acting like a complete retard and prick, caving in to their next “do this and you’ll get 5 stars” blackmail is the worst thing you can do.

Even if they give it to you - you lost the dignity and self-respect.

Once their behavior crosses the boundaries of civilized behavior, any further communication is met with cold templated message from my side.

I suggest the same.

My 2 cents.


@richardbloch I just made your comment a Quick Response. I will modify it to fit my situation if I ever need it.


Yes, I too knew how this would go.

Now things have turned into:

"provide email address so that you can add the music. orheriwse i will have to dispute it. im trying to work with you instead of filing a dispute"

I have encouraged the buyer to do just this and informed him (once again) that I will be ceasing any further communication.

Sadly, my experience with CS is the complete opposite of yours. I have had buyers whom I have declined to work with (due to them being obvious scammers) order anyway, immediately request cancellation after delivery, and then get orders refunded by Fiverr anyway.

Thankfully, I have some triple distilled “I’m now going to make your life an SEO misery” vodka which I save for such occasions. - Mess with me and I make Google my own hitman.

Alas, all those $5’s spent on Fiverr will end up being a complete waste of money :wink:


I agree with @richardbloch on this one.
As soon as the buyer started using abusive language I would have stopped all communication and revisions. If they want to go to CS then the buyer can do that, but I wouldn’t bother with this order anymore.
I wouldn’t cancel and let CS handle it. That’s their job anyway.


If you want to do the revision, then do so. Completely ignore the review part of his message and in the message part of the delivery, let him know that these are the revisions you requested and how many revisions he has left.


Taking the update into consideration, I think @richardbloch has given the best advice. Stay firm in your stance and don’t allow this buyer to get over. Which I’m sure you will not based on what I know from you.

Really great response @richardbloch

You are replying 2 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.


I am aware. Thank you. Now, let’s allow the post to rest.

And here I was reading this brand new post from @cyaxrex and like, what is he talking about, he knows how to handle this, and then I sense something fishy and I look at the date…


I read full post so interestingly thinking how Cyaxrex can be in this kind of situation :smiley: and saw date after seeing “2 years later:expressionless:

Well, I’d bet $5 that, if not Cy, there are still more than enough sellers wo get confronted with this situation and might benefit from reading this thread. Also, worth it for the irony of posts 14-16, laughter strengthens your immune system, or so I read, and we all can do with that in 2020.