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HELP! Joined Fiverr 1 Month Ago, No Messages NO orders

Hello I am Sristy Dutta, I am a professional editor and i joined Fiverr on 3rd May 2020.

As soon as i joined here i made my gig, i love making animation lyrics videos so i made the gig and choose the most relevant gig category which is Video & Animation and the subcategory which is Lyrics and Music Videos and then i wrote everything about how i will complete the work in the discription and finally i uploaded some videos of my work and published the gig.

After publishing the gig i got the notification from Fiverr that they won’t show the gig statics and i found out that it’s happening with everyone so i got relaxed. I was extremely excited and used top be online 24/7 waiting for messages from buyers and my first order in Fiverr.

1 Week passed no messages and no order. another weeak passed and same thing no messages and no orders, i started loosing hope and now more than 1 month have passed i haven’t received a single message or a order, now i don’t know what to do and i have only one option to ask for help in Fiverr forum, Please everyone help me i really don’t know what to do.

Gig :


sympathy to you . same happened to me


Suggest you check out the competition in your category re pricing, as new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.

As this is in the category Improve My Gig suggest you add your Fiverr gig or profile link to your post above, as that is allowed in this category.

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Nothing can be done. Is is matter of luck and coincidence.

We are like stores on the street and 1000 of people walking by. Why one enter others don’t? Who knows.

Lower prices - no orders.
Higher prices - no orders.
Your GIG on the first page - no orders.
Your GIG on the last page - no orders.
You send 10 BR daily - no orders.

TRS badge - no orders.

Simply, no orders unless you are lucky.

Those who have services that apply for returning customers are having some orders, others ar just come down to luck.

5 years ago you had 1000 sellers for 700 buyers.

Now you have 1000 sellers on 100 buyers. It is just reality that every day 900 of us will strikeout.


The kind of service i provide is a very hard working work, usually the price starts from 100$ but i am giving it to the lowest of 40$ but still no response and thanks for the information, i have edited the post and added a link of my gig page.

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We have to find a solution, i have heard that fiverr is a very big place for freelancers and i have lots of hope here.

I have some of my friends who also works in fiverr, one of them make logo and other two works as a spokeperson, they are doing great here and they are the one who suggested me to make a account in Fiverr, maybe i amthe unlucky one among my friends.

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No you are not the unlucky is just patient, soon urs will start coming like the rain. everything has is own time.

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Patience patience patience… :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:


Welcome to the fiverr forum. Please, don’t upset. Same positions . But i am not upset . Good wishes to you. :blush: :innocent:

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Right but i have been patience since a month and more now i need a solution and help that’s why i had to came to Fiverr Forum. :disappointed:

Two things you can do, you can wait >> be a spectator or you can go out there and promote your GIG.

It all comes down to how much you want that first sale.

Opportunities do not come by chance, or luck. Opportunity in a crowded market is made. Create your own opportunity.


Thanks i hope you over come the situation but honestly after waiting for this long i am loosing hope.

Don’t just wait!

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


You are right and i have used instagram to promote my gig but as i am not able to see the gig statistics i don’t know if they are seeing it or not and i think my gig is in the very last page of the search box that’s why i am not getting any order. I think i haven’t make the gig properly like the gig video or pictures are not good enough for the buyer. Should i change the photos and Video of my gig?

That is great for them.
I do graphic design, mainly logos joined during COVID, but so far… not even enough to buy food.
So, the links you got above is cute, but as I said, luck and coincidence is a success here when you are new.

And where is this out there?

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I fully support you for sharing these links, but we have reached the point where nothing helps, nothing works. It is all down to luck.

Too many sellers, not enough buyers.

We have people who follow all the tips from the links and still have no orders for months so my statement stands:

Getting orders and earning money if you are new is result of luck. (I am referring only towards skilled people)

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You are a Graphics designer yourself, what do you think about my gig video? Is it professional enough for the competition here. I need some genuine advice as i can modify them.

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It is great, your GIG is excellent.

But, look at this quirky situation: You get buyer and he wants to know what software are you using.
You say Adobe and he goes: can you provide evidence you have paid licence, i do not want to work with person using illegal software?

You read this while I look for the link, i will put it here -


So i should i attach some pictures of the ongoing works in the gig page or should i just send the prove as a picture? I mean what should i do if it actually happens?

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