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HELP! Joined Fiverr 1 Month Ago, No Messages NO orders

Thanks for the link i will surely check it.

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I cant find the topic, and I am in quarantine so two days ago could actually be last Christmas… I have no idea what day it is. I have my receipt for purchase that I blacked out.

But yes, since you are openly claiming you use Adobe some will probably ask for evidence is it legal Adobe.

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You send a 10 buyer request daily… You get your first order as soon as possible.


Hardwork is change the luck. So we hardly trying to get a order we get succes.


The reality is that it’s easier to find a job than sitting here waiting for an order for $ 5 which will take your all day if not more. You may notice that out of all sellers only 1% succeeds. This is very bad statistics for all of us but it is a reality.

Some real tips to help you:

  1. Be the best in your field.
  2. Ask your friends to make several orders with you. This way you will get the first good reviews about yourself. Customers are unlikely to choose you if you haven’t done anything yet.
  3. Do not expect a miracle. Go about your business, download the mobile application to always be online and receive notifications. You might be lucky.

There is no buyer request available.

your video is cool, wish you will get sales soon… ,:slightly_smiling_face:

This is like the most genuine reply I have read since I joined the forum. It is a matter of luck and God’s favour. I have my gigs and I have done 90% of the tips that I learn here and they still yield no results.


best wishes for you , i am also new seller . still now i am waiting for order …

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Ohh dear!
Don’t Worry You Will get Very soon