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HELP! Logo Design Customer


So, I submitted an order on 11/6, to a designer who’s gig says “5 Logo design concepts in 10 hours”…well,to receive the initial drafts it took about 23 hours not the original 10 hours she had stated in her gig post. I let it pass…I look at the images and she literally used the SAME image I provided as INSPIRATION off of shutterstock with legit only a circle around it and my company name. NOW, I didn’t pay anything ridiculous at all and all I wanted was a lion head concept and I told her she had creative freedom to do whatever and the type of font I liked and what colors. Well…I obviously request a modification, as for copyright reasons I did not think this was acceptable. I was specific and this time around sent her TWO images for inspiration (we’re going now on day 2) her responses took HOURS ( her gig post said for PREMIUM package which I paid for, you get VIP support) VIP support…my ASS. Replies took no less than 3 hours, sometimes 9 hours. I was and am dealing with a timeline. Anywho, finally I get 3 logo concepts, not 5 as her ad said and well they were decent, still not sure if they’re unique but hey, at least they aren’t copy and paste my original image. She adds a little note “Dear here is your work if you need changes please reply and please give me 5 stars i will give you 3d mockup,
Thanks!” I accept it and it marks order complete. (note: this 3D mockup she offered for a 5 star review, was already included in the package I paid for so I don’t get it) NOW, this is my first fiverr experience and well I expected the rest of the package as she had outlined, after several hours, I messaged her and said “when should I be expecting the rest of the files of the package?” She never replied. About 3 hours later I write, a little more upset and asked her to please supply me with the files, and finally like 9 hours later, I receive them. Now, i’m not a graphic designer and i’m not TOO tech savvy so I tried to muddle thru the files in the folder and make sure everything is there. But some files I cant open (i’m guessing I don’t have the proper software) now, is there anyone that can look at the file folder vs the gig package and see if all items are there? I don’t want to interact with the designer as there was a language barrier and I feel she won’t understand or, even reply. She never really addressed me much or write much at all. Please help. I’m considering paying a bit more to have this logo concept ooomphed and be more unique as I’m still unsure if this is actually not an already used image. Hope I made sense! Sorry for the ramble.

P.S. I’ve attached screenshots of the files I received


She broke the rules in at least two ways, starting with asking for a five star review, and also not delivering what she promised. You should tell all this to customer support.
They will give you a refund. I don’t want to see her files and if you can’t open them or communicate with her well enough to find out how to do it, you deserve a refund.


But some files I cant open (i’m guessing I don’t have the proper software) now, is there anyone that can look at the file folder vs the gig package and see if all items are there?

P.S. I’ve attached screenshots of the files I received

Isn’t what you’ve put the screenshot of all 1 design in 5 different file formats (unless there’s multiple designs included in some fo the files)? eg. I only see 1 jpeg with the picture of the lion (“cleancut drywall 01.jpg”). Shouldn’t you have 5 different jpegs, pngs…?.


There is that clip-art lion again that most of the logo designers on this site seem to use.
Probably it’s not seen as much by those outside of fiverr.

What did you pay her for that? It’s not nearly as bad as many logos.

It’s still not actually a logo as much as a clip art lion with a circle around it.


yes will be interested in knowing what the OP is paying


Thank you so much for writing. I’m new to all this :slight_smile: How do I go about contacting customer service? I can open some files and not others. The items that were included in the gig “package” are what follows:
unlimited Revisions
5 Initial Concepts Included
Include Source File
Logo Transparency
Printable Resolution File
Include 3D Mockup
Stationery Designs
Vector File
Include Social Media Kit

The files I received are above. In the screenshot. I thought with the extensions someone could help me decipher what is what?


You need to ask customer support if you can have a refund based on what you told us about how you didn’t get what you paid for, and got something you can’t open, and can’t communicate with the seller to let you know how to open it.

None of this should have happened.

I only see two files in your screenshot, one of which is black.


yes, I believe you’re right. The same logo in five different file types. I didn’t explain myself clearly. I received a PDF, an AI file,EPS, JPG, and PNG. From what I can tell. Now, I don’t exactly really know what these mean. I’ll be utilizing it for business cards, social media and advertising. Thanks for taking the time in replying :slight_smile:


For what you need them for, the .PNG and the .JPG are all you need. So that first file is the one to use for all of those uses. Hopefully the size and resolution are good enough for those uses.


So you’re saying this lion looks just like a clipart? Yeah i’m not saying it’s a terrible logo. It’s better than the original in which she used the exact same image I sent for inspo and put a circle and the company name. Which seems to me laughable.

For reference, this is what I asked for. "Our company name is CLEANCUT DRYWALL. The lion I’d like in black and white. Similar or inspired on the images I attached. I like the file: lion #2 most. You can play around with the designs and we’d love to see what you can come up with. Fonts we like are: Pacifica Condensed, just to give you an idea of the type of fonts we like. Other colors we’ll be incorporating on the business cards are orange and slate gray just so you have an idea. Look forward to working with you :slight_smile: "

since she sent me the same image I replied with, with only a circle and my company name, I requested a revision, saying this:
"Hi :slight_smile:
Although I appreciate the work, the images we gave you were merely for inspiration. The images can’t be used due to copyright which is the reason why we requested something custom designed. I want a logo image of a lion inspired on those images. Could you create something similar not exactly, you can have creative freedom in designing it, also I don’t mind exploring other fonts you may find we may like. I’m more concerned about the actual lion image more than the writing. Perhaps I wasn’t clear or there was a confusion as you have amazing reviews and look forward to seeing what you can come up with. I was hoping to have the logo by tonight, please let me know what you can do if possible. Thanks again. "


yeah, I have never used fiverr and I wanted to trust it would be delivered. I’m kinda back to square one. And now more than ever am convinced, i’ll have to look for a new designer and specify so none of this happens again. Thanks again.


thanks :slight_smile: now I don’t really wanna use it altogether. haha. I will I guess think about it. and possibly see what we can do.


The .AI (Adobe Illustrator) and .EPS file are the vector files I think, so could be useful if you have that program or other program which can load those or want it scaled to really hi-res etc. without pixelation/blurring.

The .png may be more useful than .jpg since it’s uncompressed or losslessly compressed and can have an alpha channel (based on the black picture I guess it has) so the logo can easily be placed against any background.

I still think there should have been 5 different designs sent (ie. 5x jpg, 5x png etc.) if that was in the gig description.


Yeah, at this point I’m thinking maybe it’s best I start with a new designer and possibly just had a bad experience. Just makes me wonder how she has so many great reviews? I just don’t get it. But oh well. Thanks again.


So what were you paying out of interest?


$20 which is embarrassing to admit. I’m not bitching so much for the logo being so simple. I’m ok with that it’s what I expected. My biggest thing is the lack of communication, the lack of delivering…etc. I guess I should have expected it at that price point. It was the first offer I got and I didn’t feel like looking around. After the fact I saw the rest of the designers and figured that it probably should have made sense. SO before I get bashed for being a cheap bastard, I honestly don’t mind paying more. Like I said, it was the first offer and well it seemed like a legitimate offer, good reviews, portfolio and gig description. By the way, now that I’m looking more in depth into the designers, when ordering a logo, do you you get the rights to it as well, or is that a separate thing? Thanks.


Hi there-

I am a Guru Graphic Designer and can design very appealing logo designs, flyers, brochures and other branding related stuff.

I usually work multiple logos and provide about 8 different samples from where you can choose a few and I will then work to finalize the one for your liking.

If you want to have a long term client as a designer i’m with you :slight_smile:

thanks and best regards,


$20 dollars - there you go!

Sorry but you really do get what you pay for!


I’m sure there are logo designers who can do a good job as far as the design and service for $20.


True dat sir! I see that.