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HELP! Logo Design Customer


I’m sure too. More about the service than the actual design. Like I said, I’m not saying I expected an extravagant hand painted design. I’m sure that there are a lot of great affordable logo designers out there.


Yes if the instructions are clear and you are just artworking the design. But to come up with 5 concepts and unlimited revisions!!!

I am a full time graphic designer and I can tell you that to design a brand or logo mark properly takes a long time.

Everyone is free to pay $20, just don’t moan when the results you get are not what you expected .


They were saying that the service did not include what was offered in the gig and they couldn’t open a file or communicate with the seller. It was me who called it clipart but the OP was happy with it until I critiqued it, which I probably shouldn’t have.


Wow nice to see you decided to join fiverr, recognize your work from enva**. Talk to you you know where!


Where? :thinking::zipper_mouth_face:


Sorry cant say due to terms.


NEVER accept an order unless it is complete! You can refuse to accept an order until all of your requested modifications are made (within reason), especially when they are included in the price!

She is not allowed to bargain for a 5-star rating, that rule is very black and white in the ToS.

Sometimes ya get a bad seller. Sorry about your bad luck!


Nah, you’re not at fault here. Sometimes you really do just get unlucky. And honestly, this may be a first for your seller, too. I have dropped the ball once or twice on an order. I’ve never ignored a buyer, but after hundreds of orders sometimes you do goof up. Can’t explain her behavior, but you really don’t know what’s going on with somebody in their private life.


This is an old resurrected post from 2017.