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Help me about Buyer request

Hello everyone here, I am from pakistan and facing some problem about buyer requests in Transcription category. I am active 24/7 and refresh my fiverr app for new buyer requests but all in vain. If someone here is from pakistan then please tell me about timings of buyer request. Thanks

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There is no specific time that buyer requests appear in the BR section. They appear based upon when they are approved, and as a result of how many people from that seller level have already applied to them. You are currently ranked as a New Seller. You will likely see plenty of buyer requests that you can respond to when you are promoted to a Level 1 seller.


Yeah i am new Seller, but the problem here is that, many of my friends and me, we all started fiverr on the same date. All of my friends including me are new seller up till now, but they received buyer requests in some specific time of a day and me the case is different, sometime i received 1,2 or 3 buyer request while sometime i received nil. Although i refresh my app 24/7 but all in vain.

Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ’s, Times, Issues Etc.)

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I believe it really depends on who snags em, who accepts requests faster and so on. It’s like posting a job opening on a billboard. Its real people posting things, just gotta hope you’re online at the right time to apply

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