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Help me about having orders

I am on Fiverr since Oct 2017 bt not yet get any order. please check my gig if there is something wrong let me know that and give some suggestion for getting orders.
gig link :


I think you have to change your gig title, description, and tags according to your service. It will SEO helpful . Thanks.

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Thanks for your comment.

@dewan002 are you sending buyer request everyday?

yes i am sending. but not getting any response. can you suggest me how i should write while sending buyer request.

simple what you offer and what is in your gig.
introduce yourself first that your professional designer anyway…

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thanks , hope it will help me…

you can active 24 hour

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i also have had low job offers on fiverr, could you also check mine out

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what type job you have ??

article writing and whitepaper service

I am working as graphic designer.

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same to you . i am also working as a graphic designer …

facing that same problem

Thank you so much, That’s pretty much helpful. :slight_smile: