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Help me about late delivery

Hello, I’m Emran. In my one order, the delivery time is over but I can’t deliver the work. My buyer agrees with me to extend the order time. Then I send offered to extend the delivery time but the buyer is offline from last 2 days. Now delivery time is over and I also need instruction from the buyer to complete the order. In this situation, I can’t do anything. In order, it shows LATE. Now what can I do and which option is better for me?


Hi Emran, It is pretty known issue. Whenever you ask the client to extend the deliver, instantly in the same request add the offer to extend. or on the chat when he/ she agree to extend say: please hold on i am sending the request NOW!

Now what you can do is contact him through the chat box. You can also figure yourself if there is ANY way you can get the information needed to complete it asap. not easy but possible. The bad thing is you complete it it will be counted as late delivery anyway!. then may be you ask to cancel ? (For unknown reason when I had the same issue… client get back instantly when I ask to cancel! may be the message sen automatically by Fiverr get their attention … you know the famous : We’ve got news about your order! )

Hope you figure it out!


No problem bro.
don’t worry.
You can deliver.
when need buyer any revision.
he tell you.
Thanks for sharing.

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NB: as the buyer is already two days late, if you request him for additional three days then you have to deliver the job by one day.