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Help Me Become One Of Fiverr Top Hip Hop Artist

What’s up people? I’m Dolla The Future. This is my first time going LIVE on Fiverr so let me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m currently located in Nürnberg, Germany. That’s Right … Germany. with the help of Heart4HipHop The Label we are currently producing new music, hosting discos and shooting new videos.

Take a moment check the links out and then post your links under mine. Let’s get the NETWORK started…

It takes 2 hands to wash 1 face… REMEMBER THAT :slight_smile:

Searching for the right artist. Look no further, I’m an established Artist in Germany.

personal page dolla allen

Is spamming common in the hip hop world, or is that just you?

How is it spamming if you have to click my post to enter to see what was written?

Don’t be obtuse.