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HELP ME! Buyer buy small package and send me the high package data


I am Explainer video animation service,
here SS

from my 10$ gig, it say clearly 10$ is for 50 word no voice over and etc,

But this buyyer send me 380 word LIKE a boss, and no answering my chat at all!!!

I want to cancel so it will make my gig one cancellation rate :frowning: just because this BUYEERR!! :frowning:

Hope this buyer is not from my bad competitor trying to put me down.


Until now he is online and not replying me at all :frowning: this is why we Seller also need protection to not ACCEPTING This kind of BUYER :frowning:


Cancel the order unless you like working for free


yes I have sending him a dispute order but to modify the cost, but no reply at all,
This is suspicious, he is online and not replying me at all ;(

very sad why there is seller doing this to me, I never done bad thing around here, to other seller. ;(


There’s no need to get emotional even if it might be a competitor behind this, simply contact CS and the issue will be resolved


okay :frowning: 20 characters


One minor thing: Just because Fiverr says a person is on-line, doesn’t mean they really are…

Their browser may be open on another tab or the browser is minimized, they may not really be seeing Fiverr, or it’s on their phone and says they are there.

It’s not a reliable indicator. (Better than nothing, but someone can easily show as “on” but really not be paying any attention to the Fiverr tab.)


Okay I agree for this one lisa,
But, is she is not paying attention to my gig detail too? and just paid 10$ for everything he want? :frowning:

Still no reply, and already contact the CS too, to check this buyer and if possible to cancel it as it is not my mistake here.


You have it right.

CS is your friend in this case. You can also withdraw your previous offer, and send a cancellation, stating buyer did not pay for everything requested.

Often a cancellation notice will get a buyers attention.

If not, again, CS will be able to resolve it, and it’s even easier if the buyer doesn’t respond to your request.


Okay will try to just cancel it.
thanks for your advise lisa.


come on, stop being over dramatic. Every one do cancel orders, not a big deal. Send him gig extras, if he donot accept it, just cancel it. One order won’t affect you at all…


i just have total 10 order
Okay than.

my bad sorry to have this post, hope I can delete it.


nothing bad but the thing is be realistic. You can’t do anything about it… So cancellation is better or either do work for free. I think you are wise enough to decide what is the best option. :smirk: