Help me buyers I'm going down 4.4 😢😢😢


okay but that made no sense why are u pasting the limit that i paid for then ask make this a problem i dont have control over what you write you do also u promise an about page matter fact its the first thing i ask about and talk to you about but ill tip but leave bad review
My offer was 700+ words each document but after accepting my offer he start to demand to make all 3 documents more than 1500 words :cry:
I said okay I’ll write to you but my offer was 700words for each so you have to pay for extra work. He send me abusive messages. He threat and report me :cry:


You should open a ticket with CS.
Make sure you keep record of all the messages and talk through the order only. Let CS see and handle it. They do not tolerate bad buyers, Ive been there and they handled it quickly and efficiently.


Where is CS option. Please help me


This is the feedback I am assuming you’re referring to:

i contacted this seller originally for an about page for my site i then got an offer which includes t&c and privacy documents for $30 but deadline reach… she past the amount of words limit i paid for and expected me to pay for it she also did not give me about page which i originally contacted her for and said i should pay a tip for it

Having read your post (and I promise I’m not trying to offend you), I’m not altogether confident that you should be offering legal writing services.

Legally binding documents must be effectual in law and their language must be pristine. Those expectations are in congruence with the ethical and professional responsibilities of an attorney.


AH. Puzzle pieces are coming together.


This is not a legal document.
I’m an advocate by profession. In my 4year practice I’ve been written many agreements, contracts.
Why should I clarify here.
I’m already up set please


You can ask me anything related to CONTRACT LAW, INTERNATIONAL LAW, AGREEMENTS, WHATEVER YOU WANT but not here please.
I need buyers help not criticism :cry:


That’s a bit below the belt. :frowning_face:

By all means offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism to any other user, but suggesting they shouldn’t be offering a particular service, particularly when it looks as if you’re from a similar background yourself, really does sound a bit off.


His msg


If people don’t criticise your actions, how will you know where you have gone wrong???

I believe @legacine is trying to make you see the mistake you made. Your buyer complained about not getting what he originally paid for, he got something else - I would be mad too.

Also, maybe you had miscommunication problem because from your post and your buyer’s review, what the buyer expressed and what you expressed are quite different.

Are your writings done in English?


He is not threatening. He is clarifying! Did you promise him an about page? That was what the buyer wanted!


Yes, but he was not good in English.
Yes I did but he demanded 1500+ words. My offer was 700 for each


I respectfully disagree, and unless the OP offers legal writing services in a language other than English, I stand by my original statement.

When a proofreader and editor posts on the forums seeking criticism of their corresponding Gig, and if, on the perusal of said Gig, it becomes clear that the person ought not to be providing proofreading and editing services, it is not considered ‘below the belt’ to suggest to that person that perhaps they should either not offer that service, or offer another one.

…particularly when it looks as if you’re from a similar background yourself, really does sound a bit off.

My legal background is precisely what emboldens me to speak as I have.


Now I’m confused! There’s little we can do about the review you got. You have to be more explicit next time and make sure you and your buyer are on the same page.


She appears to be doing better than I am overall, so she/he will be fine.

Not really sure why she/he is posting photos of her/his private conversations with her/his clients, though.

Thank you!


Now I’m unable to send buyer offers. I’m gonna mad :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


I see the problem reading the Gig description and the review of the buyer.

Both parts are at fault in my opinion.

Packages should be bound to number of words, not to number of pages.
“Legal” and “all types of legal documents” are expressions that may be misunderstood when in reality we are talking of Terms of Service and privacy policies of websites.
It is assumed that the buyer provides the legal references for those, if it is necessary.


Well said. A gig that depends on flawless English should have flawless English by someone who writes perfectly.

If a seller asks for a tip, to do what was supposed to be included in the order, that’s grounds for cancelling an order.

I don’t know all that transpired in this situation though and it’s possible the buyer was in the wrong but I do trust CS to sort it out.


Please, don’t go mad! Not over one buyer! Bad things happen, we dust ourselves and move on. That’s what you should do too.

You’ll get over it.


If he contacted you for an About page and didn’t receive it, Customer Support can only side with him and refund him.